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MATTRESS SUGGESTION 14 Nov 2021 11:03 #1

I wake up every day in pain from the arthritis in my back and hip pain so am looking to minimize it. I have an adjustable base from Saatva. The current mattress is a replacement for a Saatva I had for a year that seemed to just get really uncomfortable with a ridge in the middle. It was replaced during Covid; this replacement lasted about a year and I started having back pain again. I am aware some of the pain is just my back stiffening up at nite. I put some egg crate non-toxic foam on it - took about two months to get rid of the smell in that in a room before I could put on. I rarely wake at nite so sleep well I just am not particularly comfortable in the mornings or waking feeling great. I would like to replace the Saatva. I am a side sleeper; 4'11" and weight 155#. I looked last year but every mattress that's non-toxic is either too expensive for me, or they have a whole bunch of really negative reviews in addition to lots of positive ones. I also need someone who will deliver and take away my old mattress. A bed in a box is not an option for me because Fedex will dump it outside and I then not only have my old mattress but have no way to lug that up to my third floor condo. I thought about a sleep number because it will allow for ongoing adjustments but I had one of the base models years ago and it was awful. This time I would buy the upgraded but I need to be sure it won't smell and offgas chemicals because of my allergies and my dog's seizures. I also don't want a mattress that is too tall because my dog struggles to climb up onto the saatva and he (obviously) runs the house.

I need a full size. I look at the intellibed but the bad reviews are really bad and it's a bit expensive for me. thank you.

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MATTRESS SUGGESTION 14 Nov 2021 11:24 #2

Based on your requirements... Set-up, haul away old mattress, etc...

You have no option other than to shop locally. And since no one here knows what mattresses are available in your area, it's impossible to guide you.

The thing to do is to find a couple of local mattresses you like and THEN research those. Also, you'll want to post these types of questions in the general forums. not in the Richmond Bedding area. This way the greatest number of forum users can help you.
Tim Hiles ~ Richmond Bedding
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MATTRESS SUGGESTION 14 Nov 2021 12:23 #3

this group title said it discussed sleep number alternatives which is why i posted here.

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