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25 Sep 2019 20:59
Replied by Phoenix on topic Manufacturers - do it yourself online

Manufacturers - do it yourself online

Category: General Mattresses Questions

Hi rpk38tn,

Welcome to the forum :).

Congratulations on the new Plushbeds Botanical Bliss mattress! :lol: Glad to hear that your wife enjoys her medium-firm mattress build. I'd be interested to know if your side in the construction suggested by the manufacturer is now working out for your larger BMI split.

Expanding a bit on DIY Natural Bedding excellent advice (thank you @diynaturalbedding)

I just purchased a 4 layer latex (13"), soft, med. med firm, med firm (split) latex botanical bliss from plush beds in the medium set up, and my wife loves her side but I'm a heavier person and need more support since I push right through the top soft layer.

I am assuming that you were referring to the Botanical Bliss 12" model, which is 4-layer mattress 3”, 3”, 3 + 2" top layer. Did you purchase the split king or the Calking? I’d also be curious to know what your BMI is.

They are suggesting the 2nd med layer, be pulled and get an extra firm layer and make that my 3rd layer......I am concerned that having an extra firm on top of the med firm wouldn't make much sense? Shouldn't I have the denser layer on the bottom? I am mainly a back sleeper and sometimes on my side.....

You are correct the majority of the time, mattress makers design the layers in a progressive construction , but it is not unheard of to have layers switched to get a "feel" that is slightly firmer(or plusher). Depending on the construction, sometimes is not a bad idea to do this, and in your case, you are not sacrificing durability or adding a weak link … you can always switch them depending on your needs and preferences as DIY suggests.

I find interesting that on the Plushbeds website which shows the Medium and the Medium firm "versions" or build differently than they advised (as in the picture below). Did they say why they did not offer to exchange the soft for the extra-firm?... then you could have the med/med-firm/med-firm/x-firm as the design of the Medium Firm build shown in the picture? Did you discuss this with them? Do you feel this may be too firm?

Last but not least… did they let you know the ILD/density of each layer?
Arpico is a well-known latex manufacturer. With latex, there is a straight-line relationship between density & ILD/IFD. and as the Dunlop latex 3” layers are cut from 6” cores and the latex particles in Dunlop settle more in manufacturing, a 3" Dunlop layer that is cut from the bottom half of a 6" Dunlop core can be firmer than a 3" layer cut from the top half and the top would be softer than the bottom of the layer while with Talalay it's more consistent from top to bottom. So as Dunlop is not as consistent from top to bottom it would be interesting if they happen to know the approx. densities of the different firmnesses. Dunlop ILD ratings are also often a "guess" and at best are only the midpoint of a range so depending on their precision level you have a few variables to work with.

Thanks again and if you have a chance let us know how the new arrangement is working out for you.

10 Aug 2019 17:02
Replied by jenninsb on topic Split king/CA King, Latex Mattress, Adjustable Frame

Split king/CA King, Latex Mattress, Adjustable Frame

Category: General Mattresses Questions

I am new to TMU. I have a couple of questions. My hubby and I are looking to buy a natural or organic latex mattress and an split CA King or King adjustable bed. I have been on this site for the better part of two days and I have read lots of great advice, but still not quite sure what to buy.

Me: 53 years old, 5'5", 140 lbs, back & side sleeper
Him: 50 years old, 5'8" 175 lbs, stomach and side sleeper
Both of us are evenly proportioned or possibly narrower in the hips.

Looking at Cozy Pure 10", Sleeping Organic 10& 10", Foam Sweet Foam 13", SleepEZ 13", Zenhaven (Bliss) and Plushbeds.

I feel like I would like a thick mattress with 4 layers because it sounds luxurious. However, is this overkill? Can we get away with 2 or 3?

Any preference in how to layer each of our custom sides?
Based on info I found I am thinking...

me: Soft/medium/medium/firm (assuming 4 layers)
him: Medium/medium/firm/x-firm (assuming 4 layers)
or take out the 1st medium if 3 layers.

We want natural and/or organic 100% latex that if we don't like it we can easily return or swap out layers - no hassles.

For adjustable beds: I want a zero gravity button, wall-hugger, lumbar support that is ergonomically correct (bends at the proper place. I sometimes need to incline my knee (it swells up). I like to watch tv in bed. The tv is wall mounted high on the wall. Is the pillow tilt a must? I would like good quality components and read that a German Motor is the best. Any suggestions on brands?
08 Aug 2019 14:32
Replied by Arizona Premium on topic Berkeley Ergonomics 10" Natural latex versus Plushbeds

Berkeley Ergonomics 10" Natural latex versus Plushbeds


I am mainly here to answer questions about our products, not our competitors. Check out our version which does use all natural Talalay throughout and is 10" at $1795 every day price for King and includes free shipping. We've been online for 22 years -
08 Aug 2019 13:03
Berkeley Ergonomics 10" Natural latex versus Plushbeds was created by Bradders79

Berkeley Ergonomics 10" Natural latex versus Plushbeds


Hello there, I tried out the 10” natural latex mattress made by Berkeley Ergonomics and loved the luxurious feel on the top with still great support from the bottom. Although I was prepared to spend the close to $3000, when I searched on-line I found the Plushbeds 10” latex mattress which is currently on sale for $1799. I usually mistrust steep discounts (regular price for the Plushbed mattress is shown as $2999) and I also know that the latex is different. Natural Talalay in the Berkley mattress and natural Dunlop in the Plushbed. Also the Berkley has camel in the cover – wonder how much of a difference this makes. I understand that beds feel different to different people so I cannot and don’t want to rely on reviews from other people. Sorry this sounds somewhat convoluted, I guess all the research has made my brain hurt and basically I just would really like your valued opinion on the considerable pricing difference to help me decide. Thank you
20 Apr 2019 18:51
Replied by doctorx0079 on topic Narrowed down to Latex… how to decide on appropriate firmness choice?

Narrowed down to Latex… how to decide on appropriate firmness choice?

Category: General Mattresses Questions

Okay, I'm starting to narrow things down. I wish more stores had latex mattresses. I have had a hard time finding an actual latex mattress I can try out. It seems like most latex mattresses are sold online now. I went into Original Mattress and they only carry one latex mattress, the Serenity. At least I was able to compare it to memory foam and innerspring mattresses at the store. I think I prefer the latex, but Original Mattress only has one and there are no choices for firmness. (I was told that they used to have 5 but now it's down to 1.) Original Mattress also does not take returns at all. I am considering Sleep on Latex and PlushBeds. Both of them offer latex mattresses with several choices for firmness, they take returns up to 90 days, and they arrange pickup of returns, unlike some companies where you have to arrange it with UPS yourself. My question is, how can I decide which level of firmness will be right for me? I am replacing a 10 year old Englander Versailles which has started giving me shoulder pain. I usually sleep on my back and I weight 177 pounds, so I'm guessing that Medium might work for me. I also noticed that PlushBeds has some mattresses that allow you to move around the layers, but how hard is it to do that? Isn't it difficult to get the latex back inside the cover?
20 Mar 2019 11:48 - 20 Mar 2019 11:52
Replied by Phoenix on topic Box spring for latex mattress

Box spring for latex mattress

Category: General Mattresses Questions

Hi supasta33,

Thank you for the kind words about TMU,
I am glad to hear that you've had a good experience with Plushbeds. And congratulations on the new mattress. :)! I hope that your one-year-old Boxspring is in good condition and that it works out for your new bed.

will we be doing damage to our mattress if we choose to not get the slats that are 3' apart or whatever the protocol is supposed to be?

Generally, for an all latex mattress, a slatted wood base with solid slats that are no more than 3" apart (or preferably less) is best for all latex mattress. A latex mattress needs just a solid base with enough supportive surface to make sure that it doesn't sink through any gaps and that the base is strong enough and supported on the floor well enough to take the weight of the latex mattress and the people that sleep on it. Normally this means that a slatted wood or even a metal base would be the best. Both of these are rigid non-flexing bases. The characteristics of the box spring are typically designed into the overall sleeping system itself and are an essential part of how the mattress is designed to perform in terms of pressure relief, alignment, and overall feel. In these cases, it is just as important as the mattress itself to achieve the design goals of the sleeping system. This would have more give under the mattress and can also be designed in many different ways to change the way the mattress feels and performs. As you got the "go" from Plush to use the boxspring you may wish to see how the entire system performs for you before moving in a different direction with the foundation. You can read more about foundations in Post #1 here or post #2 here about old box springs under a new latex mattress.

Looking forward to your future updates.

27 Nov 2018 01:19 - 27 Nov 2018 16:16
Replied by Phoenix on topic Searching for Latex Mattress

Searching for Latex Mattress


Hi Mepel.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum! :) and I am glad that you found our site and the information useful.

I am sorry to hear that both the Leesa and Bear mattresses caused back pains and did not work out for you and your wife ... but it is great that you chose something with a good returning policy.

It seems from your account of the experiences you’ve had so far that you’ve done a bit of reading and research on our site .... this always makes it easier for any of the experts or the other consumer members to step in with suggestions like LisaL0115 did. :) While you are certainly on the right track with the choice of materials regarding the firmness choice I’d make sure to also read about the support/comfort firmness needs for both your wife as a back sleeper and you as a prone sleeper in this the article sleeping style, preferences, and statistics along with putting the layers together and the page on tips and tricks here ) that can give you some general concepts, guidelines, and insights about the effects of different body types, sleeping styles, and mattress designs for different people but this is only generic and not specific to any particular person and may be more complex than you really need to know.

If you sleep truly prone, as you may be already aware, that this is the worst posture for your lumbar region and that you need to pay special attention to good deep support to assist with alignment and also, be sure that your pillow is not too thick (if you’re using one), as this can also accentuate low back issues.

As far as differences between Luma and Plush Beds that can be helpful with your decision... Luma ( trusted member of our site) does not use a quilted 2" wool backed (for FR) organic cotton cover as Plushbeds does, but instead, it uses a Tencel cover over a 3/8" layer of Palladin (rayon/poly blend FR non-woven). This will make the PlushBed have a softer initial feel, especially if you are going with a top latex layer on the firmer side. Luma will have more latex content (which why it's more expensive) as the total height of the Luma less 1/2" is all latex vs. the total height of the PlushBeds includes the 2" wool layer). PlushBeds uses Natural Dunlop latex from Indonesia. Luma uses blended Talalay latex (from TG) over a Dunlop core (from PA). PlushBeds is not a TMU member but the wool in the quilting would probably help with the temperature regulation issues that you were mentioning.

Hope this helps ... it seems you're getting closer.

24 Nov 2018 20:59
Searching for Latex Mattress was created by Mepel

Searching for Latex Mattress


Hi Phoenix,
I'm hoping you can help with the final step in my mattress search. I greatly appreciate the wealth of information and knowledge you've accumulated in this forum and your dedication to responding to inquiries.

I've read through many of your and other member's posts over the past few months which has helped me narrow my search down to a fully latex mattress.

A bit of background…
I'm 6'2", 180lb, sleep hot, stomach sleeper
my partner: 5'3", 115lb, sleeps cold (under a comforter year-round), back sleeper

My partner and I purchased the Leesa mattress a little over 3 years ago. The Leesa was a bit softer than our previous mattress, but my partner preferred it, and I also liked having a soft sleeping layer, so we kept it. Earlier this year, we were both having trouble sleeping and waking with back pain (more so myself). I ended up warranty exchanging the mattress due to the deep impressions in the mattress (even after regularly rotating the mattress).
About a month after the mattress was replaced, we noticed impressions forming and decided the mattress was not going to hold up nor provide the support needed. The new mattress search began.

I ended up getting the Bear Hybrid mattress as it sounded like a good mix of responsiveness and support. That was a mistake. After the first month, noticeable impressions started forming and the back aches started (for both of us). I was sleeping on my back and side since the mattress could not provide enough support for my hips while on my stomach (would just sink in) and eventually we switched back to the old Leesa in preparation for returning the Bear. This is when I found your mattress forum and started researching other hybrid mattresses which led me to a Latex mattress since I was looking for durability/longevity and support, and that's where it seemed to be at.

When I contacted Bear, they offered to send a replacement foam comfort layer in firm (didn't know they had that). I figured, why not, and agreed. After a significant airing out period, we swapped out the foams and it was indeed much better. The foam was so firm that you can't even tell there are springs underneath (whereas with the soft foam, you sink in enough to tell that something else is supporting you). But, almost a month layer, and the impressions are forming to the point that you have to sleep in your indentation or else you're on a slope. So, the Bear is going back.

Where I am now…
Back to the Latex mattress. I stopped by a Nest retail location by me to check out the Alexander (for kicks) and their latex offerings. Both of us preferred the latex, although my partner liked the latex hybrid over the solid latex due to the plush cover (I took liked having a fluffier top to lay on, almost like a euro-top which was nice on the Bear as well). The hybrid was a touch too soft for me and I want the durability of coil-less, so back to solid latex.
For all of the reading I've done (and the feel of the Next latex) I think I'm looking for Talalay on Dunlop (to get the plusher, more consistent top with sufficient support). My primary concerns are support in the hip region (for stomach and back sleeping), not wearing in (no cave you end up falling into), and temperature regulation.

I'm between the Luma and Plushbeds all latex mattresses (I'm open to considering Nest and others, but from what I've read, I think these are two solid contenders). Currently, I'm leaning towards the Luma based on the construction and materials and I'm also not a fan of Plushbeds' advertising/website, but the Luma is more expensive even after discount.
I also do not know which firmness level to pick. The Nest Latex I tried was a Medium (they didn't have firm in store) and I felt it was a touch too soft. Not sure if I should go medium-firm or firm with the other brands.

Can you please help steer me in the right direction? I'm open to any recommendations.
16 Nov 2018 05:32
Replied by kristenpark on topic PlushBeds oversize layers within cover cause mattress sag

PlushBeds oversize layers within cover cause mattress sag

Category: General Mattresses Questions

Plushbeds said the top of their outside cover is 1" thick, but the sides of their cover are 1/2" to 1/4" thick. So they recommend 54" wide layers. They are now sending me 54" replacements for the top two layers. They said they "have requested for it to undergo strict quality control and have them measure it to 54 inches."

They were resistant to replacing the top layer at first, but when I mentioned their 100 night guarantee they suddenly said they would do it. Until that moment I thought I was going to need to return the entire thing and start over with a different company.

I really appreciate your help, as I don't think I would have gotten this resolved without it! I'm disappointed Plush Beds didn't step up and help me figure out what was going on. But at least they are now doing the right thing and it is getting resolved.

12 Nov 2018 10:52
Replied by kristenpark on topic PlushBeds oversize layers within cover cause mattress sag

PlushBeds oversize layers within cover cause mattress sag

Category: General Mattresses Questions

They emailed me and asked asked for more photos. I'll let you know what happens. Thanks so much!
11 Nov 2018 21:58
Replied by Phoenix on topic PlushBeds oversize layers within cover cause mattress sag

PlushBeds oversize layers within cover cause mattress sag

Category: General Mattresses Questions

Hi kristenpark.

You are very welcome! :) .. I am lookking forward to any future updates.

11 Nov 2018 20:57
Replied by kristenpark on topic PlushBeds oversize layers within cover cause mattress sag

PlushBeds oversize layers within cover cause mattress sag

Category: General Mattresses Questions

Thank you so much! I have responded and I'll let you know what they say. Hopefully they will respond.
11 Nov 2018 16:45
Replied by Phoenix on topic PlushBeds oversize layers within cover cause mattress sag

PlushBeds oversize layers within cover cause mattress sag

Category: General Mattresses Questions

Hi kristenpark.

I am glad that PlushBeds replied to you and I'd certainly wouldn't "hesitate to contact" them with your "additional comments " about the results of your experiments. I'd make sure to provide them with all layer/mattress measurements including the mattress/layer thickness, length & width, and the size of the mattress you've purchased (Full). You mentioned that you have a thinner top layer which is included with their 9" Botanical thikness choice, but I'd note that typically both layer density and thickness will contribute to how easy or difficult can be to fit it within a tighter encasement. From what I can tell the video shows a thinner plush top layer of 2" or less in lower density (less material) which is easier to "resize" … a 3" layer thickness in a medium or firm ILD will also add to the difficulty of it being waived and "resized" to fit a smaller cover.

Keep us posted on your progress

10 Nov 2018 17:22
Replied by kristenpark on topic PlushBeds oversize layers within cover cause mattress sag

PlushBeds oversize layers within cover cause mattress sag

Category: General Mattresses Questions

Thanks so much for the information! This is all really great to know.

I had trouble contacting the company. After filling out their website contact form (three weeks ago) and leaving two phone messages (one last week) with their answering service, I finally posted a 2 star review for the product on their website. After doing so I received this email message:
Hi Kristen,

Kindly click on the following link, to see a video, which demonstrates how you can resize the latex layers inside of your mattress:

We hope you find this video helpful. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-888-PLUSHBEDS.


Kim Moler
Customer Service

I watched the video, but that's what I already did. I am going to let them know that I already tried it. I spent a few hours with a friend trying to get the upper layers to line up. We did the wave and the buckling methods. After all that the layers are still stuffed into the mattress protector and sheet.

I am thinking the layers must have been much bigger than standard since they don't go down enough.

09 Nov 2018 12:01
Replied by Phoenix on topic PlushBeds oversize layers within cover cause mattress sag

PlushBeds oversize layers within cover cause mattress sag

Category: General Mattresses Questions

Hi kristenpark

It appears you have a Full-Size mattress system.

• Full Size mattresses are 54” wide x 75” long. The dimensional specification tolerance used is typically +/- 0.5”
• This applies to the finished mattress product. Component dimensions are usually based on the thickness of the side cover, typically 0.5-1.5”, based on the FR barrier material being used
• With each component being covered on 2 sides, the components width would be from 51” to 53” (see here a picture of the Botanical Bliss from the PB website.)
• PlushBeds uses a thick wool layer in its cover. You can see this in the picture. Based on the picture, one would guess the width of the latex layers should be 51-52”.

PlushBeds uses a thick wool layer in its cover. You can see this in the picture. Based on the picture, one would guess the width of the latex layers should be 51-52”. Since the 54” layer “works”, you are correct that the other layers are too wide and forcing them in the cover which will create a concavity that makes the bed look like it sinks in the middle when the issue is the oversized layers. I’d suggest you contact PlushBeds and let them know about it, at a minimum they need to replace the 2 oversize layers. If they send 54” wide layers, it is likely they will be still ”cramped” inside the cover. But the look should be more normal. 3 layers 53” wide would be ideal.

Also, the middle layer seems to be damaged. I will post pics of the middle layer.

When Dunlop latex foam cores are molded, the latex is poured into the mold until the mold is filled. Sometimes depending on the ambient temperature and humidity, some air remains trapped. These are usually small air pockets that migrate under pressure to the edges of the mold and do not affect the structural integrity and performance of the slab itself. You can find these air pockets in many products on the market, but because usually consumers receive finished and covered products consumers will never see how they look on the inside unless they cut open their mattress. These air pockets/irregularities are usually not having a structural/performance impact, Due to the two different production processes (Dunlop and Talalay) irregulars such as these are most commonly found in Dunlop.

I'm looking forward to any updates once you've had the chance to contact PlushBeds and get the issue resolved

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