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Which design would be best?

10 Jun 2019 12:06 #1 by bluski
I know this insn't going to result in a sale for you (although I might purchase an accessory)
But would really appreciate the advice from an expert in the industry.

purchased the natural latex hybrid mattress from Nest in Feb. 2019
I first want to say I really like the mattress. BUT!

A few months before I made the purchase the mattress design included wool woven into the organic cotton cover. the time I bought the bed they changed the design to this configuration....leaving out the wool.
1st Layer: Organic Cotton Stretch Knit Fabric
2nd Layer: 2” of Eco Flex Quilting Foam 1.5 Lb density
3rd Layer: 3” of Dunlop Latex Medium: 24 ild / Plush: 14 ild Firm: 36 ild
4th Layer: 2” Eco Friendly Comfort Foam 1.5 Lb density
5th Layer: 7 inches of Leggett and Platt 660 steel coil system
6th Layer: 1 inch support foam 1.8 Lb density

I recently found they added the wool back into the cover. They say to make the profile an inch smaller? Who knows?
now the config is like this:
Cover is Organic Stretch Knit Cotton & Joma Wool
1.5 lb Eco FLex Quilting Foam
3" 27ILD-Medium Oeko-tex Cert. Dunlop Latex1"
1.5lb Eco-Friendly Comfort Foam
6"Caliber Edge Coil Support Pocketed Coils
1"1.5lb Support Foam

Since a big one of my concerns was that the mattress I purchase sleeps as cool as possible as I am a hot sleeper I was annoyed at the possibility that if I waited or they alerted me about the change I could have waited and got the cover that they added the wool back into. Or that I had purchased a version of the mattress that they know could be better and went back to the wool. I know wool helps you sleep cooler and regulate humidity. The mattress is great and pretty cool but I did have a few sweaty nights when it was recently warm at night. Nest says its still a very cool sleeping mattress even with this configuration. But I can't stop thinking that, yeah this is good....but with the wool in the cover it will be better. Do you think it will be noticeably better?

Nest was kind enough to offer to send me the newer model...after I go through the trouble of donating the existing mattress, then purchasing the new bed and then getting a refund.

Its good customer service to offer this.....
But is it worth the trouble?
I have to state that I really like this mattress a lot, but one thing sticks in the back of my mind...."yes you like the mattress, but wouldn't you want to have the same mattress but it be even cooler and more comfey"

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10 Jun 2019 12:50 - 10 Jun 2019 12:53 #2 by Sleep EZ
Hi Bluski,

It’s no problem at all, thanks for reaching out! We’re always happy to help. Although wool is outstanding at temperature regulation and wicking away moisture, latex is also outstanding at temperature regulation because it is an open-celled and naturally breathable product; so latex is a great “ventilation system” that will draw body heat away from you and allow it to dissipate into the mattress. The stretch cover allows you to be closer to that natural latex “ventilation system” which allows the mattress to sleep pretty much just as cool as having a 1” cotton & wool cover. Please also keep in mind that anything that you place between yourself and the latex will affect the way that you contour into the latex. The stretch cover allows for a much plusher feel, and if you switch to the cotton & wool cover there’s a good chance that the mattress has more surface tension to it and gives the mattress a firmer feel. If you’ve tried the mattress as it is and you like the comfort level, then I think it would be a prudent choice to keep the mattress as it is, especially if you haven’t actually slept on the version with the wool cover. If you have any other questions I can answer or if I can be of any additional assistance please just let me know!

Sleep EZ & Kiss Mattress Ph: (800) 710-9846 / (480) 966-8731
Please read The Mattress Shopping Tutorial.
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Last edit: 10 Jun 2019 12:53 by Sleep EZ.

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10 Jun 2019 13:07 #3 by bluski
Replied by bluski on topic Which design would be best?
Thanks so much sleep ez for the prompt knowledgeable reply. You have made me feel much better about keeping this one. I do know that wool in the cover can make it somewhat that is a good point. I could try the new design in the showroom but I wouldn't be sleeping on it overnight. I have to admit I do like the feel of the one I have and from what I have read on a first try that's nothing to sneeze....or snore at!!!
thanks again!

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14 Jun 2019 17:53 #4 by bluski
Replied by bluski on topic Which design would be best?
Just for your info I tried the newer version of the mattress today. It wasn't firmer as I thought it would was softer. The cotton/wool cover actually felt kinda mushy...and it wasn't even broken in yet.

I do like the original one I I am not trading for the newer design.

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15 Jun 2019 14:35 #5 by Sleep EZ
Hi Bluski,

Thank you for the update, and I'm glad to hear you were able to stick with the mattress that works for you.

Sleep EZ & Kiss Mattress Ph: (800) 710-9846 / (480) 966-8731
Please read The Mattress Shopping Tutorial.
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