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Trying to find a great mattress for 2 with min time involvement from one sleeper

04 Feb 2020 08:38 #1 by logicg8
I apologize if this subject is more suitable for the general forum. I'm unable to post there. Please feel free to move the message if better suited there. I was required to select an expert in order to post. I selected Sleep EZ because I'm aware that Sleep EZ makes a mattress where each individual can customize their side of the mattress which might be ideal for my wife and I. I am interested in Sleep EZ thoughts on a customized mattress for our situation .

My wife and I recently purchased a Paramount Nature Spa's mattress (before I knew of the information on this site). My wife gives the mattress about 9 out of 10. She highly rates the mattress because it is eliminating her back pain. It replaced a 10+ year old Serta that was sagging and causing both of us back pain (but for her to a much more significant degree).

After reading a bit on this forum, I became concerned about the durability of the mattress. I made a post , and it was confirmed that we could lose the supportive benefits over a short period of time. Furthermore, I'm not very happy with the comfort (it's too firm for me). Understandably, my wife is fairly indifferent to the comfort because the support layers (with perhaps some help from the comfort layer) are nearly solving her back pain. She said it has about the same comfort when going to sleep (although with a different feel) as the old Serta.

We're seriously considering returning the Paramount mattress but my wife is concerned if we'll ever be able to find the same back pain relief in another mattress. My wife is also very constrained on time. So, we really need the next mattress purchase to be the right one.

Based on our differences in rating of the Paramount mattress (I probably rate it a 5 of 10 b/c of the comfort issues), a split mattress option may be ideal for us. Could my wife choose layers in one her side that could replicate the support of the Paramount Nature's Spa and continue to provide the back pain relief? What would those layers look like? Here's the link to photos of the mattress and topper tags.

I (5' 10" 140 lbs) seem to like a very soft comfort layer(s) similar to our old Serta. (I've attached the mattress tag photo to this post for the old Serta.) We're both primarily side sleepers while occasionally rolling over to our back. Would I need different layers? If we go latex for comfort layer, would a low ILD using Talalay or continuous pour Dunlop be recommended?

I think we've only owned innerspring mattresses in the past but definitely open to trying a latex mattress or other types. Given the information above and my
post here, are there certain types of mattresses we can narrow down to? Is there anywhere in Memphis we could try a good sampling of mattresses? Due to limited time, my wife will only be able to make one outing to try mattresses locally.

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05 Feb 2020 06:59 #2 by BChaps
With SleepEZ (or some DIY Latex Mattress options), you always have the ability to swap out some layers and get it right for both of you.

You could potentially look at just getting a topper. This would be a cheaper options...and perhaps solve your comfort issues. Unfortunately, that won't really do anything about the longevity of the rest of the bed.

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05 Feb 2020 08:59 #3 by logicg8
Thank you for your insights. The Paramount mattress came with a topper as part of its sleep kit system. I thought about purchasing a different topper but was concerned about the interplay between a new softer topper and the mattress. I’m glad to hear that might be potential solution though. But as you said, that won’t solve the durability issue. It’s a fairly expensive mattress so we may come out cheaper if we return and buy a different mattress.

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05 Feb 2020 09:16 #4 by BChaps
When mattress hunting, my parents kept on saying we should just get a firm innerspring mattress that will last a while...and then put a topper (or split toppers) on it.

I found it hard to justify that, especially knowing that the base mattress may not have the best longevity.

I decided that I really liked the concept of the DIY mattress. Having a zippered cover will make it easy to change out parts (if needed). This not only will be great to help dial in the comfort (hopefully not needed), but will also help in the long-run. Some 10-15 years from now, if I find that one of my layers is loosing firmness/support, I can replace a single layer rather than the full mattress. Oh...and as you mentioned, the whole splitting side-by-side for different comfort levels is a HUGE plus.

Weather you're looking for Latex, memory foam, poly foam, or even a hybrid (spring + foam), there's plenty of sites that offer the.

SleepEZ seems to have one of the best deals when it comes to getting a split, all latex, complete mattress...that comes with a nice warranty and return period. I personally went a slightly cheaper route and ordered the DIY parts from another source. I got the same warranty, but no trial period....but it saved a few hundred dollars.

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05 Feb 2020 12:46 #5 by Sleep EZ
Hi logicg8 and welcome to the forum! The only way to replicate the feel of the mattress you have now would be to buy the exact same layers that the mattress is built from. I’m really hesitant to make a recommendation based on what will feel closest to the mattress you have now for that reason, not to mention the fact(s) that I’ve never laid on the mattress you have now, and how you interpret the feel of that mattress may be different than how I interpret the feel of that mattress. Nonetheless, I’m confident that we can make a recommendation that will accomplish the same things your current mattress is doing – no back pain, no pressure points, proper support, etc. etc. except the mattress from us would allow both of you to be perfectly comfortable with two comfort levels within one mattress.

We don’t carry continuous pour Dunlop (although we do carry 100% Natural Dunlop) but a “low” ILD Talalay top layer is advisable, for sure. Most of our mattresses go out with Talalay for the top layer and Dunlop for the remaining layers because this offers the best chance to achieve the right combination of contour and support. Generally speaking, I think an all-latex mattress with 9” of latex, the option for his/hers sides, and a setup with three 3” layers would be ideal. This will help ensure you both end up with one mattress that you both rate as a 9 out of 10 or 10 out of 10. Based on the information you’ve provided, soft Talalay for your top layer would likely be best, and your wife could even get soft for the top layer and firm for the bottom two layers if she prefers a softer top with a more supportive core, and that would be just fine at her height and weight. If you prefer a plush, pillow top type of feel then I would order a 10” mattress but ask that we make it as a 7” mattress with 3” topper. This won’t sacrifice any of the support you or your wife need to maintain proper spinal alignment and avoid back pain because the firmness levels of each level would be the same as if you bought the 10” mattress. However, it will give a much plusher feel to the mattress because having a top layer that is not encased with the rest of the mattress will allow that top layer enough spatial freedom to move upwards when you lay on it, making for a very plush and enveloping feel. If you choose this setup or even if you choose the regular 10” mattress I would recommend soft Talalay over firm Dunlop over firm Dunlop for her side and soft Talalay over medium Dunlop over firm Dunlop for your side.

I tried to find a latex mattress store in Memphis but wasn’t able to find anything in your area, but that’s all the more reason to go with a mattress that allows you to adjust the firmness level once you actually sleep on it. That’s also all the more reason to get a mattress from a company that has enough experience to help you pick the right setup from the start and help ensure you get the mattress dialed in if needed.

Sleep EZ & Kiss Mattress Ph: (800) 710-9846 / (480) 966-8731
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06 Feb 2020 08:36 #6 by logicg8
Thank you for taking the time to read through my posts and for providing a very thoughtful and insightful response. I greatly appreciate this information. My wife and I plan on going to a couple of stores this weekend to get a general feel of what type of mattress we like. We’ve always had inner coils but latex sounds very compelling. I’m hoping that the stores will just give us a general sense of the materials we like and we can find one that carries at a least a few latex mattress. I’d imagine we’ll go with latex if we’re both happy with the feel of it. I suppose I just need to be careful to not eliminate latex because I tried an inferior latex mattress or one that is too firm.

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