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Firmness level (finding the perfect mattress)

11 Feb 2020 22:10 #1 by Tom25
First off I wanted everyone for their contributions to this site. I stumbled upon this site about two weeks ago and I've spent the two weeks going through the guides, overviews and everything else within.

I feel like information overload and i am more confused than ever. I've bounced through different topics, posts, etc. maybe I missed it, but is there one guide that covers everything the BMI, Ild, support levels for different sleeping positions?

I am looking to purchase a mattress here within a week, the one I am looking at is a pillow top organic mattress.

I am primarily a stomach sleeper and side sleeper, wife is side and back sleeper. I do have a bad back from sport injuries, etc. I prefer firm mattresses where my wife likes softer ones.

The thing I like about the eos mattress is I can pick different firmness for each side and I have 90 days to change the firmness level if I'm dissatisfied. It appears costly and more work to do all of that though.

The question I have is they have 5 different firmness levels and I'm baffled which is best suited for me and wife. I thought spending several hours each day for a few weeks it would be simple but like i stated above I'm even more clueless where to begin. What can I do to select one that is best suited for me?

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12 Feb 2020 05:41 #2 by BChaps
I went to that site, and it seems odd that it only offers left/right customization...but it states that it offers customization on multiple layers.

As a stomach sleeper, you're gonna like something a bit more firm. Your partner will tend to want something softer.

Check out this tool:
Select a thickness, and then use the "customize" option. You can put in your sleep styles and size/weight, and it will give recommendations. You can then use those recommended ILD level to transfer to other mattresses you look at.

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12 Feb 2020 06:26 #3 by Tom25
I appreciate the quick response. The two bottom layers are the same as being firm, extra firm. For the two top layers, mine are medium, medium and hers is soft,medium according to the link you provided.

I do toss and turn from side to stomach but on the link I put stomach sleeper and her side sleeper.

My weight fluctuates but I put it 20lbs lighter than I am now.

With regards to naturepedic, I spoke to them the other day and they explained the different firmness. according to them it would be the coils and comfort layer being different. Unfortunately the website doesn't provide the info and I have it written down at work which I'm not there at the moment.

Also, customization I can do all microcoils or with the latex as well.

They have another mattress that's solid latex but I was leaning towards the one with the coils for better support.

I could be wrong in leaning towards one vs the other. Also, for the one you linked to for height, it's better to be thicker I am assuming?

I swear I need a PH.D for all of this.

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12 Feb 2020 07:29 #4 by BChaps
Yeah, I honestly don't know. I have very limited knowledge of the stuff :p

As far as the size/weight that you put in....I did some trials with stuff, and I found that adding/subtracting 20lb didn't really change the recommended settings for I wouldn't worry too much about the specifics. They sleeping style is the main factor.

If I had to guess (but again, I don't have much more knowledge than you), I'd say:
- Springs should be firm
--- if you can split them, maybe firm for you, medium for her
- For your foam:
--- if you prefer a firm mattress, then go firm
--- if you want some cushion, then go medium
- For her foam:
--- if she refers a firmer mattress with some cushion, then go medium
--- if she prefers a very soft mattress, then go soft

Two other notes that I'll add:
1. It says there's free exchanges to get the comfort level right. Be sure to look into what goes into that. A lot of the times, you need to pay for shipping and stuff. Or even if they cover shipping, you'll need to find a box to compress it and fit the stuff in.
2. That's probably a good mattress, but seems rather pricey. I feel you could probably find something comparable at a lower price elsewhere. Have you looked into the DIY route? I actually just ordered my DIY mattress a couple weeks ago. It's a route I never would have considered...but the price and customization options made it well worth it IMO.

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12 Feb 2020 07:38 #5 by Tom25
You are right, I have to spoke to them about it. According to them I have to purchase the new firmnless level which it appears to be about 1,000.00 between the coil and latex. The coils are not compressed so I send them back in the box along with the latex layer. Once they receive it, I will get the refund.

With regards to weight, mine did change firmness level, but I'm not too concerned with that.

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12 Feb 2020 08:43 #6 by Tom25
The levels of firmness are:

Cushion firm
-firm coils,soft latex

-plush coils, medium latex

-soft coils, soft latex

Ultra plush
-soft coils, two layers of soft latex

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12 Feb 2020 17:42 #7 by Sweet Dreams
From my experience I think those Plush and Ultra Plush configurations would be a back killer except for ultra-light sleepers.

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12 Feb 2020 17:56 #8 by Mattrebuild
I looked at the naturepedic as well when I was rebuilding mine and what I ended up with was almost the same for way cheaper than $5k all said and done.

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12 Feb 2020 19:18 #9 by Tom25
Thank you for your input, my wife tends to go to her back more than anything although she will swear she is a side sleeper. I was thinking wife plush and ill go with the ultra firm.
I don’t think it’s right for them to charge so much to exchange the components..

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12 Feb 2020 19:20 #10 by Tom25
Obviously, 5k is insane. You probably could buy a used Honda and the cost of your mattress build and still be cheaper.

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