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Considering Latex vs. Tempurpedic, leaning Latex

08 Mar 2020 21:23 #1 by oopsy
My wife and I are looking for a new mattress and have fortunately stumbled upon this wonderful site.  Thank you all for sharing your insights.

We gave our old mattress to a family member who just moved into a new place to help them out and instead got a Casper Wave 2 (hybrid), thinking it would be the most supportive of the lineup.  It was not.  We really didnt have a lot of problems with the old mattress, but since getting the new one (~45 days ago) I wake up every morning with back pain in the mid to low back.  Initially pressure relief on my shoulders and hips was pretty good (side sleeping), but now not so much.  My wife also notes some mild back pain.  The bed itself feels like it has a lot more give than what we found in the store. We are going to return it.

I am 6'1", 180", and go to bed sleeping on my side and in the morning I often end up on my back.  She is 5'3", 105lb, starts off as a side sleeper but spends most of the night on her belly.  In general, I prefer firmer supportive feels, she would be happy sleeping on a marshmallow.

We're trying to find a replacement bed, shopped around more this time, and found that we really liked a Tempurpedic and an all latex bed.  

Tempurpedic:  We were able to agree that we both liked the cool breeze firm model ( ) although mostly for the feel (could go either way on the cooling stuff).  The firm feel on this mattress was not as unforgiving as the firm on the ProAdapt.  My wife would've preferred the medium hybrid of the ProAdapt most (I didn't), but she was happy with the firm cool breeze (ie-she'd like it a hair softer but is fine with the firm).  That said, I've learned that these are good materials at poor value, and that I could try to find a local/regional retailer to sell something comparable.  In order to do more online shopping/ordering/etc, I'm trying to find what's actually in these beds to no avail.  I don't really have a sense on how I could comparison shop this model, either by figuring out the materials or something comparable based on whatever the prior iteration of this "new" line is.

Latex: By chance, we found a local retailer with a clearance Savvy Rest Serenity.  It was nicely setup already, one side was med/firm/firm, the other side was soft/soft/medium, all Dunlop.  The total depth is 10".  I couldn't find the ILD numbers for dunlop soft/med/firm, the website goes to pains to argue that it is uninterpretable.  Regardless, I liked my side (m/f/f), it had excellent support, I felt like I was in good alignment on both my side and back. I was a little concerned that comfort may be an issue overnight with maybe some pressure on my shoulders and hips, so if I could make it just a touch more comfortable on the superficial layer, that would probably be ideal.  My wife had a similar feel, noting that if it was a little softer, she'd be even happier.  Regardless, we both really liked the bed, mostly because it was split and we could each do our thing.  My only hesitation was that there's no return with the sale, so if it doesn't go well, I'm stuck with an expensive mistake (aside from a latex layer swap).  I've since looked into SleepEZ which seemed promising, with both a satisfaction guarantee and also the layer swap offer.  I was thinking about doing a Talalay Medium / Dunlop Firm / Dunlop Firm on my side, and my wife was thinking about a Talalay Soft/ Dunlop Soft / Dunlop Medium on her side, but we're obviously very new to this and what do we know.  

If it helps, we live in Atlanta and I've used the website to identify recommended/reputable retailers in my area.  Unfortunately there's very little opportunity to try any all latex beds aside from the above store that I already visit.

So my questions for you guys are this:

1) We're leaning towards the latex, but if not for whatever reason, what would be a reasonable way to figure out or comparison shop the tempurpedic cool breeze firm?  

2) From a Latex perspective, what would be an advisable setup given our experiences thus far (poor on Casper Wave 2 hybrid, I loved she liked/was OK with tempurpedic cool breeze firm, and our experience with the Savvy above)?  Would it make sense to try to aim for a 9-10" mattress, and then maybe just aim for Talaly Medium for me and Talaly Soft for her on the top layer, and then Dunlop below for the next 2 layers?  

3) If we're going to build something comparable to what we tried, what's the difference in doing it at Savvy Rest versus competitors that are significantly cheaper (and  notably members of this site) including SleepEZ (comes with return policy, better priced, etc), Latex Mattress Factory (no return policy on a customized build, but cheaper), or Sleeping Organic (seams well priced, displays all ILDs easily, 100$ return fee)?  Is there something I'm not appreciating about why I wouldn't do that?

Thanks for your help

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09 Mar 2020 09:29 #2 by BChaps
1. No idea

2. That setup sounds reasonable. I did Firm Dunlop->Firm Talalay->Medium Talalay on my side, and she did Firm Dunlop->Medium Talalay->Soft Talalay on her side...and it worked well.
That's pretty similar to yours...but we did Talalay in the middle layer.

I would be sure to split ALL of the layers. For starters, it's easier to work with in smaller parts. But it's also going to be easier to reconfigure if necessary.

3. I had the same thought as you. There was a latex mattress that I could get locally for ~2000. Instead, I went the DIY route, and got something comparable for ~1300.
I can't tell you which place is best for you (obviously) - but as you're seeing, it comes down to a trade off on price and returns.

The 3 main places I looked at were Arizona Premium Mattress (where I bought), Sleep EZ, and Latex Mattress Factory. All 3 seem like solid choices...and it really comes down to what kinds of trade-offs you personally feel work best.

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09 Mar 2020 15:17 #3 by happycat8
Here is my two cents after two months of research. First of all, never buy tempurpedic. If even from the start it does not give correct alignment, it will soften so much in 2-3 years that you will suffer from a lot of back pain. Warranty is useless because memory foam will never lose its shape (just threw out my 5 year old $2000 tempurpedic a couple of months ago). As for latex, I've been sleeping on a 3'' latex topper on top of foam for a month. It felt just a bit firm at first, but day by day caused more and more pain from the pressure in the shoulder and hip area. Also, even softer latex feel firm if the cover is not soft; that's why Nest Hybrid changed their design to include foam in the quilted cover. Now, please, watch this video . Notice that most of the popular and well-reviewed latex mattresses nowadays are hybrid (latex over pocketed coils). That's because coils have linear response curve and will give better alignment easier. Latex layers are a bit of hit and miss for the reason too long to explain here. Important thing with a hybrid latex mattress is to have correct compression on top (no pressure points) and if you watch Sleepopolis reviews of Avocado, Awara, Birth, Nest, etc, you will see that Nest's pressure map looks better for side sleepers because of the quilted foam in the cover. Recently I found a very similar design to Nest hybrid latex (which is now listed for $2,217 in queen) for only $869 from Yankee Mattress Factory here . I just ordered Cocoa-Firm today and will review it in a couple of months after testing it. Not only the price is better, but I believe the design is a bit better than Nest because it uses better pocketed coils (8'' Quantum Edge Elite Bolsa instead of 6'' Caliber Edge), so you get 2 more inches of better coils instead of more foam. You can compare the coils here: . Also, their 100 day satisfaction policy is better. As you saw on this website, foam is a weaker part of most mattresses. Anyway, this is my current two cents based on research, but will come back in 2-3 months with some empirical observations.

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10 Mar 2020 15:43 #4 by Sleep EZ
Hello Oopsy and welcome to the forums! To answer your first question, I would start picking through the posts by Phoenix that can be found by doing a search for the Tempur-Breeze. Those posts can be found here -

To answer your second and third questions, I just responded to a post regarding the differences between Sleep EZ and Savvy Rest and I’ve included that information just below –

“Please keep in mind that there are only 2 manufacturers of Talalay latex in the world and only a handful of Dunlop manufacturers in the world. As such, we're all getting our latex from the same few places. We have the same Talalay supplier as Savvy Rest, and they get their Dunlop from Coco Latex (who manufacturers in India) while we get our Dunlop from Eco Latex (who manufacturers in Sri Lanka). Coco latex has been in business for 50 years and Eco Latex has been in business for 80 years, so both companies have been around for decades and are highly reputable companies. You can read more about the differences between the two companies by visiting their websites here - and here - When comparing latex mattress companies, warranty and return policy, customer service reputation, price point, shipping time, and number of years in business are all important factors to consider, and we are industry leaders in many of those regards, among others.

To answer your original question, if you tried a Savvy Rest mattress and found a configuration you liked, my best advice would be to order the same setup from either Sleep EZ or Savvy Rest, whichever company you prefer, and just order the same layers you tried in the store. Latex can be a bit inconsistent by nature, so any one soft Dunlop or soft Talalay layer may feel softer or firmer than another soft Dunlop or soft Talalay layer, so I can’t promise the mattress you order will be exactly the same as the mattress you tried in the store, and that would be the case whether you bought from them or us. However, there’s a very good chance that you would never be able to tell the difference between the two mattresses – the consensus in the latex industry is that the average person won’t notice the difference between one layer and the next until there’s a 4 point ILD difference between the two layers, which almost certainly shouldn’t happen.”

Regarding the difference between the Select Sleep mattress and a DIY Latex Mattress Factory mattress, please note that it's rare that latex takes a body impression, so it's not likely that you will need a warranty policy, although it’s certainly possible. If you're confident that your initial layer configuration will work for you, it's not likely that you will need the layer exchange policy, either. It's just a matter of which of the two policy types you'd prefer and which of the two prices you'd prefer, but the end product would be essentially the same between Sleep EZ and Latex Mattress Factory, and Savvy Rest for that matter.

Sleep EZ & Kiss Mattress Ph: (800) 710-9846 / (480) 966-8731
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