- The Mattress Underground https://www.themattressunderground.com Wed, 15 Jul 2020 10:33:57 -0700 Custom Web Application en-gb Desperately seeking mattress help - by: jk1022 https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/luma-sleep/23005-desperately-seeking-mattress-help.html#85255 https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/luma-sleep/23005-desperately-seeking-mattress-help.html#85255
As the title says, I am in desperate need of a new mattress. I am so grateful to have found this site, but I am also feeling so overwhelmed. I'm hoping to find some guidance in what direction to go in.

My current mattress is 12 years old. It is a cheap foam mattress I bought off of Overstock as a broke, recently laid-off, 20-something. I couldn't even tell you what kind of foam it is, but it definitely is time for it to go.

I'm looking for something suitable for both my husband and myself. He is 5'9", about 185lbs, primarily a side sleeper and sometimes a back-sleeper (maybe 70% side, 30% back). I am 5'2", 112lbs, primarily a back sleeper, sometimes a side sleeper (maybe 85% back, 15% side). We both experience neck, shoulder, and back pain. This is largely due to our physical activity, but I think our mattress contributes as well. We've both definitely woken up sore and achey. We both struggle to get comfortable and fall asleep, and I don't think either of us wakes up feeling particularly refreshed. Our budget is about $700. (I know as far as mattresses go, $700 is low. :-/ But, I'm still hoping to find the best quality possible in that range.)

I know comfort is highly personal, and no one will be able to tell me "x" is the perfect mattress for you. I also know that ideally, we would go in-person to try out mattresses to see what we like. Unfortunately, we are in a position where going in-person to test isn't really an option right now but we definitely need a new mattress as soon as possible. We've basically reached our limit with this current mattress and can't stand it anymore.

We are looking primarily at foam mattresses, though not at all opposed to hybrids. What is really unfortunate is that neither of us really know what we like. Foam is fine, but would we like a hybrid more? I don't know. That being said, there don't seem to be a ton of hybrids in our price range, so I feel like that kind of decides that for us. Within the foam realm, I'm afraid I still can't say what we prefer. Memory foam? Latex? Poly? I know they all have different feels, but I don't know what we prefer. I realize how very difficult this makes the buying process, especially as we can't try things in-person. On the other hand, neither of us is all that picky so I feel like we'll probably be happy with just about any type of foam if the comfort is there (which again, I know is highly personal).

Other than the highly-subjective comfort factor, we don't have a lot of needs. He tends to sleep hot, so something cooler would be nice. He also tends to sleep close to the edge of the bed, so some edge support would also be nice. I realize though, those are two factors that are really rare in foam mattresses, particularly in our price range. So, as far as cooling and edge support goes, I'm really looking for a mattress that maybe offers a bit "more" than expected in those factors rather than amazing and perfect.

As of a few days ago, I had narrowed it down to:
- Bear Original (Celliant cover seems cool, but also maybe gimmicky. Edge support doesn't seem to be the greatest though, and it seems to not be all that cooling.)
- Nector (I was almost sold and ready to buy this one. Edge support seems to be better than a lot of foam, and it seems to be cooler than expected. BUT, the customer service seems to be awful, and I'm a bit weary about t the lack of information or specificity about the foam components from China and worry about quality.)
- Novaform ComfortGrane (Seems like it would be good, but I'm not sure it's the best we can get in our price range? I have read about it sagging/indenting very early on. Costco's customer service and return policy seem great though.)
- Tulo Medium (Again, seems OK, but I'm not sure if it's the best we can get in our price range. It is currently on sale for just $400, so the price is more than right, but I don't want to be swayed by cheap prices.)

The thing is, all of the above and resulting information came from all those mattress review sites that I now know may not be the sites to really trust. So, I'm feeling completely lost. I've basically looked at probably all of the internet "bed-in-box" companies, and honestly, none of them are completely off the table. In the back of my mind, I'm also considering Casper, and Tuft and Needle, and Helix, and Ghost Bed, and Purple, and Leesa, and Brooklyn Bedding...you get the picture. No company at all is off the table. I've just been looking at the internet bed-in-box ones because that's what is in my face, but I am completely open to any company that would be good. But there are just too many choices and options, and I'm facing complete analysis paralysis right now.

Part of me feels like I should just go ahead and buy a mattress, any mattress, because it seems virtually anything would be better than what we have now. But I don't want to make a hasty decision. Even with a low budget, I want to make and informed decision and get the best I can. And, even though so many of these companies offer "free" and "easy" returns, I would really rather NOT return a mattress (and it seems they're not so easy to return anyway). Right now, I find myself completely stuck in the research and analyzing phase, feeling completely overwhelmed by all the information and considerations, and I literally cannot make a decision. I would love for someone to just tell me to buy "x" mattress, but I know no one can do that, and I know even recommendations are unlikely due to the subjective nature of things (even though I want that, lol!). But in the absence of that, I've love it if anyone can provide any guidance!]]>
Luma Sleep /LATEX & HYBRID MATTRESSES, MATTRESS COMPONENTS Wed, 15 Jul 2020 09:11:18 -0700
Mattress Return Experiences in NYC - by: pucknyc https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/beducation-mattress-to-go/23004-mattress-return-experiences-in-nyc.html#85247 https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/beducation-mattress-to-go/23004-mattress-return-experiences-in-nyc.html#85247
Has anyone had any experiences (positive or negative) with returning bed in a box mattresses from NYC? I'm shopping for my first bed in a box mattress (all previous mattresses were purchased locally), and have read about mixed experiences with returning mattresses from NYC within the trial period. Pretty much all mattress companies want you to donate the mattress to a charity in order to process the refund. However, none of the charities in NYC accept used mattresses due to fears about bedbugs. Some companies will set up the donation and pickup for you, so the return experience is smooth. But others request that the customer look for a charity or someone on craigslist to take the mattress. People on craigslist are equally afraid of bedbugs and won't take free used mattresses also. In the case where you're unable to donate the bed, you need to pay a junk collector to collect the bed, and different companies have different policies on whether they will reimburse you for the collection. I've gotten mixed/vague feedback from some of the mattress companies I've contacted. Wondering if anyone here has had return experiences with specific mattress companies they can share. A lot of showrooms are closed right now, making it more difficult to know which mattresses definitely won't work for me.

Beducation ~ Mattress To Go / MATTRESSES, COMPONENTRY & SLEEP ERGONOMICS Tue, 14 Jul 2020 14:11:06 -0700
HAVING TROUBLE FINDING A MATTRESS DURING COVID-19? HERE’S WHY - by: MattressToGo https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/beducation-mattress-to-go/23003-having-trouble-finding-a-mattress-during-covid-19-here-s-why.html#85246 https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/beducation-mattress-to-go/23003-having-trouble-finding-a-mattress-during-covid-19-here-s-why.html#85246
If you’ve visited a mattress store lately, you may have noticed a shortage of mattresses or a longer-than-normal delay in receiving a mattress that you’ve ordered. You also may have noticed some price increases. Here’s why.

The COVID-19 virus outbreak has placed a strain on the global supply of nonwoven roll goods, as this material has been prioritized for the production of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks, surgical gowns, and cleaning wipes.

This shortage of nonwoven roll goods has impacted the mattress industry, as this material is used as a backing for quilt and border panels, pillowtop construction, and also as the wrapping for fabric encased innerspring units.

All of this has led to a shortage of the parts needed to build mattresses, and some nonwoven and innerspring companies have started to ration their products. This means that some mattress manufacturers don’t have enough supplies to meet the demand of the orders that they currently have on file from retailers.

Most mattress retailers were required to shut down across the country sometime in March, as they were not deemed part of the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency of the Department of Homeland Security. (Personally I disagree with this – let me know how non-essential good sleep is after going 48 hours without it.)

Most mattress stores were then allowed to conduct business sometime in May, depending upon the reopening plan of their state. The result was a flood of orders to mattress manufacturers from the pent-up demand during the mandated shutdown. Combine this barrage of mattress orders with the shortage of mattress supplies, and this has left many mattress companies woefully behind in production with a three to four week delay being commonplace.

Mattress companies and component suppliers were caught off guard by the spike in consumer demand. While many mattress manufacturers and suppliers kept their facilities operating during the shutdown, they did so at decreased capacity. They’ve now attempted to call back their workforce to accelerate production, but many employees are choosing to stay at home. Some are remaining at home due to their fear of COVID-19, but many former employees related that they were making more money by staying at home and collecting the unemployment benefit under the CARES Act.

This labor shortage (and subsequent training of replacement employees), combined with the staggering of production to meet COVID-19 mandated safety guidelines, has hampered the ability of both component and completed mattress manufacturers to meet product demand.

The shortage of mattress materials has led some mattress componentry suppliers and finished mattress manufacturers to declare a force majeure.

There has been a cost increase of 15%-20% for some mattress components, along with a rationing of these supplies. This price increase is too large for mattress manufacturers to absorb, so this material cost increase is being passed along by many mattress manufacturers to their retailers, which in turn is reflected by higher prices at sleep shops and furniture stores.

Suppliers are stating that the delay in production and price increases might last two to three months, which in reality probably means it will last at least three to six months.

So if you visit a mattress store and it takes a little longer than normal to receive your mattress, please be patient. There are true industry issues that are casing these delays. Here’s hoping things get back to normal sooner rather than later.

[NOTE: This article originally appeared as a Beducation blog post: www.matt-to-go.com/2020/07/10/having-tro...-covid-19-heres-why/ ]]]>
Beducation ~ Mattress To Go / MATTRESSES, COMPONENTRY & SLEEP ERGONOMICS Tue, 14 Jul 2020 13:33:24 -0700
Firming a memory foam mattress - by: ikwaner https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/latex-mattress-factory/23002-firming-a-memory-foam-mattress.html#85243 https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/latex-mattress-factory/23002-firming-a-memory-foam-mattress.html#85243
I am a side sleeper (145lb, 5'8"), she (125lb, 5'6") is a side sleeper too mainly but tends to shift every so often to back. Is there anything we can do to firm it up, like with a latex topper without it buying a brand new mattress?

Specs of current mattress...
2” Luxury ecoLight® Cooling Gel Foam
2” Premium Elastex® Foam
6” Motion Isolation Support Foam]]>
Latex Mattress Factory / LATEX, DIY, MATTRESSES FOR HIGHER WEIGHT RANGES, & TOPPERS Mon, 13 Jul 2020 00:22:56 -0700
Latex Split Mattress Configuration-help on adjustment - by: janasek04 https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/arizona-premium-mattress/23001-latex-split-mattress-configuration-help-on-adjustment.html#85227 https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/arizona-premium-mattress/23001-latex-split-mattress-configuration-help-on-adjustment.html#85227 Arizona Premium Mattress / LATEX & HYBRID MATTRESSES, ADJUSTABLE BASES, COMPONENTRY Thu, 09 Jul 2020 05:56:12 -0700 Holy crap, mattresses have changed... - by: camcdona https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/qss-f/23000-holy-crap-mattresses-have-changed.html#85207 https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/qss-f/23000-holy-crap-mattresses-have-changed.html#85207
Looking for a little guidance from some pros...

The wife and I are both around 180 lbs and primarily side sleepers, although my wife is occasionally a stomach sleeper also. I sleep hot, so something that will keep me cool is important. I also have a bad lower back, so support through my hips is something that I think should hopefully help.

I've been looking at reviews for quite a few mattresses and the Tuft & Needle Mint is really intriguing. I'm new to the "bed in a box" model and have never slept on a "luxury foam" product. Should it give me the support, cooling properties, and longevity I'm looking for?

Buying a mattress is an investment, but I also want to do this on "budget". Preferably staying under $1500.

What advice can you offer for a guy like me? I'm someone who pours over research and reviews for large purchases for months before pulling the trigger on something, but I don't have that kind of time... new furniture will be here on the 19th.

Any help, advice, pointers, etc... you can offer is GREATLY appreciated.]]>
SleepEZ mattresses - by: loisb8 https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/sleep-ez/22999-sleepez-mattresses.html#85192 https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/sleep-ez/22999-sleepez-mattresses.html#85192 Sleep EZ / LATEX MATTRESS SPECIALIST, IN-HOME ADJUSTABILITY Thu, 02 Jul 2020 18:37:26 -0700 Shopping Location - by: Molly https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/index/22998-shopping-location.html#85186 https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/index/22998-shopping-location.html#85186 General Mattresses Questions Wed, 01 Jul 2020 19:41:35 -0700 Saatva - by: Molly https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/index/22997-saatva.html#85176 https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/index/22997-saatva.html#85176 General Mattresses Questions Mon, 29 Jun 2020 18:42:15 -0700 Side Sleeper - by: Jacksonhp9 https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/index/22996-side-sleeper.html#85172 https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/index/22996-side-sleeper.html#85172
Right now I’m sleeping on a DIY latex mattress and really do not like it- my shoulders get all out of wack. Any recommendations on how to sell the pieces of that as well would be helpful.]]>
General Mattresses Questions Mon, 29 Jun 2020 13:40:38 -0700
Seeking initial Guidance for Mattress Shopping - by: voyager39 https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/index/22995-seeking-initial-guidance-for-mattress-shopping.html#85169 https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/index/22995-seeking-initial-guidance-for-mattress-shopping.html#85169
I will provide as much of my data as I can think of here.
60 year old male. Height: 5'6"; weight: 158 lbs.

Sleep position: mostly a back sleeper; sometimes on my side, rarely on my stomach. I have generally used mattresses at the firmest end of the spectrum, and have mostly been sleeping on air mattresses for the last thirty years. At the pressures at which I use air chambers, they usually stop working (i.e. stop holding sufficient pressure for an entire night) after about three months.

Back situation: I have lower back pain, and sciatica on my left side. Without proper support, the sciatica pain worsens. I've seen (mostly on youtube so far) some mattress companies market their products specifically for sciatica sufferers, but I'm not sure if the type of material or the amount of support can really be sciatica-specific. If you have thoughts on this topic, please fill me in though.

I was attracted to the Plank mattresses because of their claim of being very firm, and the offer of a refund should the mattress not work. However, I don't want to take a one-dimensional approach to this complex topic.

Would welcome any and all input.]]>
General Mattresses Questions Sat, 27 Jun 2020 21:39:16 -0700
Hybrid or innerspring mattresses with zip covers - by: DanielNJ https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/index/22994-hybrid-or-innerspring-mattresses-with-zip-covers.html#85162 https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/index/22994-hybrid-or-innerspring-mattresses-with-zip-covers.html#85162
I prefer foam comfort layers but am not opposed to seeing some smaller amounts of latex and/or memory foam in the mix.

I believe the Nest Alexander Hybrid is one model that fits my criteria. Are there others? The Nest looks pretty good but some say it's quite soft and I think the 16-gauge pocket coils may have something to do with that. I've been sleeping on 15 gauge pocket coils which are presumably firmer, and I like that level of support.

I wouldn't mind seeing what else is out there with these features.]]>
General Mattresses Questions Fri, 26 Jun 2020 22:07:49 -0700
Outgassing and Allergies from Polyurethane Foam Futon - by: voyager39 https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/index/22993-outgassing-and-allergies-from-polyurethane-foam-futon.html#85161 https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/index/22993-outgassing-and-allergies-from-polyurethane-foam-futon.html#85161
After experiencing back pain on my main mattress, I tried sleeping on the Futon (a foam futon from D&D Futon). To my surprise, it was quite comfortable. I slept on it several hours (with sleep aided by an antihistomine that I used to address an allergic episode) with no back pain afterwards.

However, I ended up with significant nasal allergies and headaches that I am convinced were reactions to chemicals in the mattress. I of course had to stop using the mattress. This was disappointing given the back comfort I'd experienced.

I'm posting to ask whether anyone else has experienced this and whether the chemical smell, outgassing, and allergic reactions thereto dissipated with time. I asked this question on Amazon, and my question was promptly removed, which tends to suggest that the vendor controls the question and answer section. The futon is currently being aired out in my garage, but I don't know if this means the mattress will be safe one week, a month, or never.

I'd of course appreciate any input on this point.]]>
General Mattresses Questions Fri, 26 Jun 2020 21:41:55 -0700
Layer firmness for Smaller people - by: DSB https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/flexus-f/22984-layer-firmness-for-smaller-people.html#85142 https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/flexus-f/22984-layer-firmness-for-smaller-people.html#85142
Comparing ILDs of other mattresses, it seems like Soft(T), Soft (Dunlop), Medium(D), wouldn't be too bad, or at least I could then reearange to Soft Medium(D) Soft (D) for a little more firmness.

Does this seem to lack support? Are there any other small men out there who have the same problem? Thanks!]]>
Flexus Comfort / TEMPERATURE REGULATION & ECO-FRIENDLY BED SYSTEMS Wed, 24 Jun 2020 14:05:47 -0700
All Talalay vs. Talalay and Dunlp Latex Mattress - by: snickerful https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/index/22982-all-talalay-vs-talalay-and-dunlp-latex-mattress.html#85098 https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/index/22982-all-talalay-vs-talalay-and-dunlp-latex-mattress.html#85098
One recommended ALL Talalay while the other recommended Talalay for the top layer (comfort layer) with Dunlop for the other 2 of 3 layers. Also, the person who recommended Talalay for just the comfort layer said they typically use "soft" for pretty much everyone on the comfort layer and then depending on the size of the person, sleeping position....etc., they customize which Dunlop they use for the support layers.

Using Dunlop for the support layers would obviously be cheaper but I don't want to save a few bucks if all Talalay would be better/more comfortable.

Lastly, the person who recommended all Talalay also has a blended Talalay, which is cheaper than 100% Natural Talalay. He sells both but in his opinion said he would go with the blended because it feels the same and is more durable. He said unless you have to have the "all natural" then there is really no other reason to get the "all natural 100% Talalay." Can anyone confirm this.....or if you disagree shed another light on the all Talalay vs. the blended.

Again, these are both TUM expert members.

Also....I'm planning to do either two 13" mattresses or one 10" and one 13".

Thanks again!!]]>
General Mattresses Questions Sat, 20 Jun 2020 19:00:18 -0700
Latex/hybrid mattress for high BMI, hot sleeper, hip pain from bursitis - by: LD https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/flobeds/22981-latex-hybrid-mattress-for-high-bmi-hot-sleeper-hip-pain-from-bursitis.html#85097 https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/flobeds/22981-latex-hybrid-mattress-for-high-bmi-hot-sleeper-hip-pain-from-bursitis.html#85097
I’m 5” 4.5” tall, weighing 220 so a BMI of about 37. I sleep primarily on my side, but also sometimes lay with my upper torso on the side and my hips turned over toward the stomach side. I have bursitis in my hip, which flares and is very painful to sleep with, so I toss and turn a lot and that’s why the mixed side/stomach position comes into play. I also sleep very warm, so looking for a mattress that helps keep me cooler.

My current mattress is a 25-year old Stearns and Foster. It was ok when I was younger, but now that I’m older and a *lot* heavier, it’s just too firm. I tried a 2” foam topper purchased from a chain store, I don’t recall what type of foam it is, but I woke up with a sore back daily and it also felt too warm.

I am single and like the king-size bed, since I actively move around a lot when I sleep, and like to be able to move my legs to the cooler spots on the bed. My current mattress is pretty hard to rotate, even with the handles.

I’m thinking of a hybrid mattress, with some type of coil or spring on the bottom, and then latex on the top, with a wool-blend top. **Does that sound like the best option for me? I like the idea of the customizable beds where you build your own layers. **Does the build-your-own make it possible for a single person to disassemble and move the bed if needed? It seems like most of the latex beds I see on the associate websites don’t have handles.

Lastly: I tried a couple of Aireloom beds (Cobalt series — Glassell Luxury Firm and El Porto Plush) and they were both sooooo comfortable, but I have heard they don’t hold up well over time. It’s really hard to find good information about these beds, especially since the furniture store name for the bed seems to be different from what’s on the Aireloom website. **Do you know if you have, or can build, something with a comparable feel?

I loved the softness for side-sleeping but am concerned about getting something too soft because of the sore back I got from the foam topper I tried. My current bed without the topper does not give me a sore back, but my shoulder and hips get sore. How do I find the right balance?]]>
FloBeds ~ LATEX, ZONING & MATTRESS MATCHING Sat, 20 Jun 2020 18:53:22 -0700
Bed in a box experiment in Canada (Hamuq and Logan & Cove so far) - by: cusco https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/index/22972-bed-in-a-box-experiment-in-canada-hamuq-and-logan-cove-so-far.html#85025 https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/index/22972-bed-in-a-box-experiment-in-canada-hamuq-and-logan-cove-so-far.html#85025
I'm new to TMU and I really appreciate the information and resources on this site. After 14 years on our current mattress it is time to find a new one. Unfortunately I started out using the trial and error method before finding this resource to help the search. Reading reviews online has been a frustrating experience and hasn't yielded great results.

So far we have tried two Canadian options. The first attempt was the Hamuq hybrid which after 30 night sleep trial my wife found she was waking up with back pain. The company offered a topper which helped her issue but was causing me to wake up with bad low back back pain that only worsened in the 3 days of using the topper (too soft for me). I am 6'3" and 265 lbs and she is 5'6" and 150 lbs, both of us are side sleepers. After a bit of a wait for Hamuq to locate a willing charity to accept the mattress we were able to return it for a full refund. The Hamuq was almost a keeper, it felt good to me, my wife was sleeping longer on it and it slept cool. The edge support was poor and if it wasn't for my wife's sore back that would have been my only complaint.

Attempt number two is the Logan and Cove in Medium Plush. My wife took an immediate dislike to this mattress and was unable to even fall asleep on it after 4 nights. Her back pain would start after a few minutes laying on the mattress. We reached out to the company to see if they had any sleep tips and they emailed me and said that anything we might try to do to soften up the mattress would void the warranty and basically it is too bad that it isn't working for you but continue to sleep on it and then you can get a refund after 30 days. Not too helpful, not overly comfortable and my wife wasn't sleeping any longer when she did sleep, it does have great edge support though compared to the Hamuq.

When we switch back to our banana shaped old mattress my wife immediately feels better. She is not normally prone to having a sore back and is getting frustrated with the whole process. One of the drivers for pursuing a new mattress was my wife having trouble sleeping enough. The Hamuq seemed to improve how long she could sleep where the L&C and our old mattress do not.

We are now going back to trying mattresses in store with the information we have from this site.

Has anyone else had a similar problem with not liking their mattress right away? From everything I read it is usually the opposite and problems multiply after the trial period. For my wife she doesn't notice the back problem until the next day so trying them in store might not be helpful. I'm currently quite interested in the MFC presto due to the interchangeable layers and the split king version should allow my wife and I to customize our sides of the bed. Anybody have feedback on the presto in either version?]]>
General Mattresses Questions Wed, 17 Jun 2020 10:56:22 -0700
need general suggestion for couple mattress - by: Seneca55 https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/index/22916-need-general-suggestion-for-couple-mattress.html#84821 https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/index/22916-need-general-suggestion-for-couple-mattress.html#84821
My wife and I had been on a 24 year old plush Serta Perfect Sleeper (flippable, inner spring, polyfoam). Can't believe it lasted so long. For some reason it worked for us (my theory below) but we are having trouble finding a replacement. We don't like memory foam and tried a hybrid with a supposed "innerspring feel" (Brooklyn Signature) that is being donated for refund after full trial. Too soft for my wife and difficult to reposition. Too firm for me causing hip pain. We don't want any memory foam in any component.

Here is what we are realizing we like:
want to be "on" not "in" mattress
want good responsiveness and ability to reposition easily
want good edge support
want to sleep cool (most of the year is hot and humid in eastern NC)
want good bounce
want good motion isolation (know this is less likely with innerspring but want to minimize)

Here is our info:
I am 6' around 180lbs; wife is 5'4" and around 180-190lbs.
My wife is a stomach sleeper (she doesn't mind soft as long as she doesn't have to lift up to reposition).
I am a side sleeper (need pressure relief for hips and shoulders).

Thank God I found this site. After doing the tutorials and my own research/mattress trials, I am narrowing on two types: 1) a flippable polyfoam innerspring like we had, or 2) a 100% natural latex without fillers or GOLS in either three layers of all foam (preferably a customizable do it yourself with zipper cover) or a flippable with latex over an innerspring (Idle has one like this) but no polyfoam at all to get full benefit of longer latex durability.

Given our normal sleeping positions we are at opposite needs so I am looking into split options on the latex foam layer customizables as well. My theory as to why the old mattress worked is because it was only about 11" thick so it likely didn't have too much padding for my wife's hips to sink too far. Also, since it wasn't pocket coils (I would guess a Bonnell system) perhaps that too supported my wifes hips. For me, I think the 2" or so of polyfoam probably drew pressure relief from the coils which I suspect were softer on initial compression then firmer on deeper compression.

Anyway, I am working through the TMU manufacturer and retail lists to find some options. I am also looking into local and regional manufacturers near the eastern NC region (found lot of old posts in the forum and posted a message for an updated list).

So what are suggestions on what might work best for my wife and I as an odd couple? Am I on the right track? I am planning on doing the 5 step process afresh at stores in Raleigh (OMF, Sleep Essential, Organic Bedroom) where we can find the options we are considering.

Also, any updated thoughts on the following companies: Idle Sleep, Sleepworthy/Therapedic, Sleep Essential, Original Mattress Factory, Southern Mattress? I know manufacturers can change so I don't want to rely only on posts from several years ago.

General Mattresses Questions Thu, 21 May 2020 13:35:27 -0700
looking for a traditional/conventional poly foam mattress? - by: juniper44 https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/index/22905-looking-for-a-traditional-conventional-poly-foam-mattress.html#84786 https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/index/22905-looking-for-a-traditional-conventional-poly-foam-mattress.html#84786
All of that to say - I think I am looking for a mattress that is made of traditional (conventional? I don't know the right term) poly foam, the kind that couches are made of, that is more bouncy and feels different than memory or gel foams. This seems harder to find than mattresses made with newer types of foam, I have only found a couple of smaller mail order companies and they basically sell big blocks of foam in a mattress shape, which I might be fine with, but they are somewhat less transparent about things like safety or "greenness" of materials used. I am wondering if there is something out there I have missed. I have a feeling one suggestion may be latex, which I am not opposed to, but seems to be much more expensive (especially if customized) and also hard to judge with no in person experience (I am not able to shop in person right now of course). Any suggestions? Or related posts on here I haven't found?]]>
General Mattresses Questions Sat, 16 May 2020 21:16:20 -0700
"New Topic" vs. "Ask an Expert" Guidelines...Where Should I Post My Question? - by: Sensei https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/index/22899-new-topic-vs-ask-an-expert-guidelines-where-should-i-post-my-question.html#84766 https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/index/22899-new-topic-vs-ask-an-expert-guidelines-where-should-i-post-my-question.html#84766
We thank each of you for your contributions and ongoing support of the Forum as we work together to continue our mission of bringing quality, education, and transparency to the mattress shopping process. Currently, the Mattress Underground's support team is working on site improvements; some functionalities, such as "Create a New Topic" are currently turned off for now and we'll keep you updated on the status of these. Here is a brief refresher on posting questions to the "General Mattress Questions" Forum vs. "Ask an Expert" Forum :

"General Mattress Questions" Forum: if the Search tool doesn't locate the answers you are looking for, then you may Create an Account here and post your questions or comments on the TMU "General Mattress Questions" Forum. Please take a minute to read the Forum Rules and understand your role as a respectful, responsible consumer subscriber. Spamming, trolling, offensive language or other such actions deemed inappropriate will result in an immediate ban; again, review the Forum rules, show respect and Love One Another.

"Ask an Expert" Forum: the most unique value of our site for consumers is the access to mattress experts for answering your questions. These manufacturers/ retailers have years of industry experience and specialized knowledge of components, construction, useage, and the ability to help guide you through the decision making process as you research your new mattress purchase. They are not here to use this Forum for self-promotion but to offer assistance in as objective a manner as possible. Before reaching out to a specific "Expert" member with your question, please use these guidelines:

- Search our Trusted Members and find the one best suited for your needs based on who you would potentially would work with;
- Do ask questions about the Expert's products/ expertise as it relates to your research;
- Do request details on their products specs, return policies and warranties if not available on their website and if needed for your research;
- When asking guidance about products from other companies, please limit questions to 1- 2 products per discussion. Do some preliminary research on the product and list in your post all product specifications needed for the expert or moderator to make any meaningful comments (e.g., layering/thickness, material of each layer, density, ILD, etc). Please note: experts donate their time to answer consumer questions and rarely have extra time for researching other brands' mattress specifications. Spec information too is especially difficult to find for products from those companies that are not transparent about what is in their mattress to discourage comparisons based on quality of the components. However, if you can find and provide this information in your post our experts will be happy to help.

But please DO NOT:
- ask Experts questions without regard to their particular specialty;
- ask Experts to speculate on competitor's products, warranties or return policies;
- Spam/ Troll Experts with unrelated comments to a particular post; such actions will result in an immediate ban.

Thanks again All for being part of the TMU Forum; feel free to send questions my way and wishing you all a good night's rest.

General Mattresses Questions Wed, 13 May 2020 13:51:14 -0700
Nest Latex Hybrid vs. Brooklyn Bloom Hybrid - by: Endymion https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/index/22848-nest-latex-hybrid-vs-brooklyn-bloom-hybrid.html#84331 https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/index/22848-nest-latex-hybrid-vs-brooklyn-bloom-hybrid.html#84331 I've been researching new mattresses for about a month (and getting mired in the countless details that I never dreamed existed around types of mattresses, construction, etc.). First, some background. I'm looking to replace my 12-year-old Sealy innerspring mattress in size twin xl. Apart from the general life expectancy clearly having been reached and surpassed, there is a slightly noticeable sag in the mid-section of the mattress. I am 6' 2", weigh 175 pounds, and am quite physically active. Recently, I've begun experiencing back pain in the thoracic and lumbar areas of my spine. Physical therapy has helped, but I imagine a new mattress will contribute greatly to pain alleviation.

Most of my considerations for a replacement mattress have been of the hybrid variety, and I've leaned more toward the latex hybrids after hearing that they sleep cooler than the memory foam hybrids. I tend to be a stomach sleeper (knowing full well that this least healthy of positions probably contributes to my back pain), but occasionally I veer into combo sleeping between stomach and back. To give a brief sense of the mattresses I have considered and eliminated, here is a pretty exhaustive list: the King Koil hybrid, the Leesa Hybrid, Helix Dusk (considered but not tried in person), the Purple mattress, Stearns and Foster, Serta, Sealy, Aireloom, Saatva hybrid, Winkbed (again, not in person), the Casper hybrid, Bear Hybrid (not in person), Dreamcloud, Avocado, My Green Mattress, Beautyrest, and Tuft & Needle (not in person). The two that seem best suited to my needs are the Nest Latex Hybrid, which I tried out in person, and Brooklyn Bedding's Bloom Hybrid.

Both mattresses have a similar design, though the Bloom uses talalay latex while the Nest uses dunlop. Nest also has 6-inch coils while the Bloom has 8-inch coils. I've been in contact with both companies, and they have been extremely helpful and never exert the high-pressure tactics of many showroom salespeople. However, I am having difficulty identifying which mattress design would be superior for my purposes (spine alignment, sleeps cool, feeling of sleep "on" the bed). Many sites say talalay sleeps cooler than dunlop but that dunlop is denser and more supportive (a plus in my case). I was able to confirm from each company some additional specs: the Bloom hybrid twin xl weigh 75 pounds and contains approximately 582 coils; the Nest hybrid twin xl weighs 95 pounds and contains 420 coils. Is the coil count differential indicative of quality in this case? Likewise, is the additional weight in the Nest due to the supposedly heavier dunlop latex? I did mention to the salespeople that I have a mild latex allergy, but they assured me that the treatment process of the latex removes something along the lines of 99.9% of all allergens that trigger latex allergies in people.

Both companies have great reputations (Brooklyn Bedding having been around since 1995; Nest since 2011), with generous trial periods. However, as with most customers, I'd rather make the right choice out of the gate and not have to deal with the returns process. Lastly, there is a Nest showroom in my area -- do any of the above-mentioned factors tip the balance in favor of one or the other? I know the decision ultimately comes down to me, but at this point I could use the guidance of an expert or fellow mattress shoppers!

Many thanks.]]>
General Mattresses Questions Sun, 01 Mar 2020 10:16:35 -0800
Brooklyn Bedding: comparing Brooklyn Signature, Bloom, Spartan, Aurora Hybrids - by: WTBSleepSev https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/index/22779-brooklyn-bedding-comparing-brooklyn-signature-bloom-spartan-aurora-hybrids.html#83511 https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/index/22779-brooklyn-bedding-comparing-brooklyn-signature-bloom-spartan-aurora-hybrids.html#83511
My wife is 5' and 120 lbs, i am 5'11 240 lbs, i have been sleeping a lot on my back for a couple years, but historically prefer to sleep on my side and stomach, i do change during the night in many cases. My wife is more of a back and side sleeper alternating during the night.

I ordered a mattress a few months ago from Brooklyn Bedding, the Brooklyn signature, in medium firmness. At that time I had been enduring a painful memory foam mattress for almost 2 years. Previously I had only had innerspring and pillow top innerspring mattresses which were great for me.

I was really looking forward to waking up feeling normal, but unfortunately the medium firm signature did not do the trick. I felt different, in the morning, than with the memory foam, but I still had to do a stretching exercise in the evening to be able to function comfortably the next day. Before the stretches, i was in constant upper and lower back pain throughout the day, and extreme stiffness first thing, i felt like an 80 year old at 30. While it wasnt that bad with the signature, it wasn't good either. From what ive read here and elsewhere, i think the memory foam was probobly to low density (it was a very cheap bed in a box) and wasnt giving me the support or pressure relief i needed. The medium firm signature i intially assumed wasnt firm enough so i switched to the Brooklyn Signature firm.

After about 4 weeks of the firm, I was on the fence, I wouldn't say I felt exactly the same way as I did with the memory foam (which was deep stiffness and lower back and shoulder pain) or the medium firm mattress, but I am still experiencing lower back pain and some morning stiffness. So I tried adding a memory foam topper we had from a previous mattress. (I wonder about that memory foam too being a cheap walmart topper) Ive been testing that for about a week.

While in some ways this was more comfortable to lay on going to bed, It didn't resolve the back troubles, and I think either the mattress or topper is causing a new soreness in my left hip and knee. My wife also reported to me that while the medium firm was better for her than the memory foam, the firm was less comfortable without the topper. But with the topper she has been having some other issue.

So the last couple of nights I have gone back to my baseline test mattress, which is a standard innerspring in my guest bedroom. And when I go to sleep on it, I don't have to do any stretches the night before, and I wake up feeling almost 100% I believe if i slept on it for a week or so i would be back to normal. My knee and hip also seem not to be bothering me as much.

I am at a bit of a loss as to what the solution is. Having done extensive research, I feel like an innerspring with a pillow top is probably what I should try next, and I have slept on one of those in the past without issues.

However, as I do not see that BB offer that type of mattress, I wanted to know if one of their other options may be a good option for me to try. I have looked at the Bowry (i don't think i should even consider an all foam at this point) and Bowry hybrid, and I don't think that's going to be an improvement on the signature hybrid.

So it seems I'm comparing the Bloom - Spartan - Aurora Hybrids. Which (if any) would you suggest I try next, and in what level of firmness? It is my understanding that support and firmness are not the same thing, and as a firmer mattress hasn't solved the problem, perhaps a more supportive mattress in a medium firmness would be advisable? From the research I have done, the coils on the aurora/spartan are 8", 16 gauge and there are more of them than the signature, which isn't necessarily better, but combined with the denser and different foams, may provide better support and comfort, especially with me being a heavier person.

I posed this same question to BB and am awaiting their response, but im curious what you expert folks think. Thank you for your time!

(I would have made this its own post, but i didnt seem to have that option.)

Follow up, BB got back to me with a 1 sentance reply "check out our titan" which appears to be on another website, but based on the description, is nearly identical to my existing BB signature... not happy.

They say the mattress design is totally different, the coil system, the titan uses 13G coils instead of the 6G coils the signature uses, which in turn will offer more support.

Does that sound like it would make that much difference?]]>
General Mattresses Questions Wed, 11 Dec 2019 13:37:27 -0800
My Green Mattress Natural Escape vs. Naturepedic EOS Classic--same fruit? - by: lolo341 https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/mgm-f/22741-my-green-mattress-natural-escape-vs-naturepedic-eos-classic-same-fruit.html#83369 https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/mgm-f/22741-my-green-mattress-natural-escape-vs-naturepedic-eos-classic-same-fruit.html#83369
Truthfully, if the EOS was several hundred less, it'd be a no brainer for me since I would prefer something I actually tried not to mention I was very impressed by the store proprietor and would be happy to give him my business. Not everyone will spend 2+ hours with you, answering every conceivable question. This was much more than I got at any other store.

But alas, the price differential is pretty big. Not knowing the Natural Escape, even if I wound up needing to buy the 2" topper, it's less costly than the EOS. Of course right now, Natural Escape is discounted, as is the EOS. The EOS is also including a lot of "freebies" that I wouldn't mind but that aren't my biggest priority, and I feel like even adding them as add-ons, the Nature Escape is less expensive (a set of sheets, two latex pillows, waterproof cotton mattress pad). Furthermore, Natural Escape has a 120-day sleep trial. Full refund or exchange. On the EOS, it'd be 60-days to make a layer exchange but no refunds.

If money was no object, but of course it is. ~$2400 vs ~$1400 (mattress, topper, protector). Besides cost, is there anything I'm missing in my thought process? Flip a coin? At first my sleeplessness was due to my current mattress; now it's due to a tenacious bout of analysis paralysis. Help!]]>
Comparing Arizona Premium's Coil Options - by: The Toddler https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/arizona-premium-mattress/22416-comparing-arizona-premium-s-coil-options.html#80829 https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/arizona-premium-mattress/22416-comparing-arizona-premium-s-coil-options.html#80829
Can you tell us more about your new quantum-edge elite pocket coil option for your Eco Sleep latex hybrid? Specifically, how it compares to the Eco Sleep’s caliber edge option, or your Ultimate Hybrid’s quantum-edge combi-zone? I’d like to know about firmness/stiffness; how different edge supports, coil counts, and heights affect the feel; and anything else you feel is relevant.

Thank you!]]>
Arizona Premium Mattress / LATEX & HYBRID MATTRESSES, ADJUSTABLE BASES, COMPONENTRY Wed, 20 Feb 2019 09:34:29 -0800
How to... use Our Forum to research or seek assistance. - by: Phoenix https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/index/21874-how-to-use-our-forum-to-research-or-seek-assistance.html#77192 https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/index/21874-how-to-use-our-forum-to-research-or-seek-assistance.html#77192 Using the Forum and posting questions or comments

The Mattress Underground (TMU) has over 11,000 topics, 70,000 posts, and 600 articles and pages. The content is mostly organized by topic. We are in the process of further refining and reorganizing the content and information on TMU. While we are going through this tedious and time-consuming task we encourage visitors to research and read previous forum discussions to get the most value, and most efficient use of time spent on TMU.

1. Researching Our Forum ~ TMU website offers two search tools:
~ Search Bar located at the top right corner of every page ....or …
~ Search Forum tab here or on the forum menu above. The two search tools will render different results.
Once you decide on the key terminology that best describes your area or product of interest, simply type it in, click the search results links and read through the various posts or articles.

2. Posting questions on Our Forum ~ If after perusing the information on the site you cannot find the answers you are looking for, then you are welcome to Create an Account here and post your questions or comments on Our Forum.
~ Ask questions directly to one of our Expert Members of the site. This Forum feature allows consumers to take advantage of the expertise of TMU members that have been qualified as subject matter experts. Expert members are directed not to use this Forum for self-promotion, but to assist consumers in as an objective manner as possible. Here is a short Video of how to create a New Topic
~ Activate an existing topic ~ add and post your question (or related information) to an existing topic that most closely addresses or touches on the information you seek. Phoenix or one of TMU’s Expert Members will get back to you, but this may take a few days.
Note: Your post may be transferred to a new topic in cases where it might confuse or interfere with the flow of (or "hijack") an existing topic.

Happy research and posting!
Your questions, findings, and contributions can also help others with similar questions who can read the comments, and answers and help make the forum a more useful resource.
General Mattresses Questions Tue, 01 May 2018 23:57:15 -0700
Avocado mattress? ... & Nest Bedding options - by: Annette https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/index/21331-avocado-mattress-nest-bedding-options.html#73549 https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/index/21331-avocado-mattress-nest-bedding-options.html#73549 General Mattresses Questions Sat, 09 Sep 2017 06:50:17 -0700 Model Change-up at Brooklyn Bedding? - by: mantrasia https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/index/19716-model-change-up-at-brooklyn-bedding.html#63851 https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/index/19716-model-change-up-at-brooklyn-bedding.html#63851
I had done alot of research on mattress options/models/manufacturers here back towards the end of 2014 and ended up with a pretty good recommendation to go with a 12" bamboo bliss latex from brooklyn bedding.

today my sister asked me for a recommendation on a new mattress and I pointed her to that site but now it looks like they only offer one mattress option?

Did they change everything up over the past year and half? are they still one of the better manufacturer direct latex mattress options or are there better offerings from other manufacturers now that I should consider?

thanks in advance!]]>
General Mattresses Questions Fri, 03 Jun 2016 11:47:02 -0700
Please recommend a place to buy in Toronto! - by: Vlad353 https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/index/18054-please-recommend-a-place-to-buy-in-toronto.html#53104 https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/index/18054-please-recommend-a-place-to-buy-in-toronto.html#53104 We are looking for a latex/mostly latex mattress, have checked some big name local stores and amazon as well. We hope we can find better prices somewhere else ;)
We are reading thru forum topics of course too.
Can anybody possibly give me some last minute updates?
Also we are looking for some condo type (but not IKEA type) leather beds, sectionals etc - any suggestions what places to check?
Thank you a million!]]>
General Mattresses Questions Sun, 31 May 2015 08:43:09 -0700
Comfort Sleep Systems - Outrageous - by: mowgli https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/index/11301-comfort-sleep-systems-outrageous.html#12437 https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/index/11301-comfort-sleep-systems-outrageous.html#12437
Then I saw some discussion here about Comfort Sleep Systems in Brandford CT. I like the idea of working with a long-time family operation instead of the big chains like Macy's and so on, and this store was the closest one of that type to our home in the Hudson Valley of NY. So, this past weekend, I went there to see what they had.

I wanted a 100 percent latex mattress, and they offered that. I wanted Talalay, too, and they had that. I wanted natural instead of synthetic, and they had models which were a blend of the two, so I figured that would work. They worked with Latex International, which I figured was the right supplier of latex to get. And I wanted a good selection to choose from, and they had that.

I checked out their Ultra Performance model, which the salesperson said was their biggest seller. It was OK, but a little firm, to me. But right next to it was the same model, but with a foam pillow top, too. It was the Outrageous model, and it was incredibly comfortable to me when I tried it out. So, I put my sticker shock aside and bought it in the King size.

Now, I'm a side sleeper who tends to flip all around after falling asleep. My wife is pretty much just a side sleeper. But there is a disparity in our sizes. I'm well over twice her weight (the specifics of which will remain private...) but suffice it to say, we are much different body profiles. Some people here address this by getting a mattress with different layers on each side. The Outrageous didn't have that, but you can work with the shop to get a custom order mattress if you want. Anyway, I was concerned that the mattress might not work for one or the other of us, but after spending so many years on the very hard Serta we had, I figured, what the heck, nothing could be worse than that.

I wasn't able to get any information about the ILD of the layers, either, though that information is available if you ask the owner. So I didn't know exactly how soft or firm the mattress really is. I just know how it felt.

The mattress (and foundation) came yesterday, so last night was our first night sleeping on it. The proof is in the pudding, as the saying goes.

All I can say is that this is the absolutely most comfortable bed I have ever experienced. My wife said the same thing. It's soft where it needs to be, and lets you nestle down into the mattress just the right amount. But it also supports you where you need it, too. All in all, this is a really great mattress. I guess we took a little bit of a risk, not knowing the ILD specifics and all that. But the point is that too many people spend too much time worrying too much about all the product specifications. I went through all that, too. But I ended up buying a mattress without knowing the specifics. I only knew how it felt in the store. And, wow, was I right. After all of one night, we could NOT be happier with it.

If you're close enough to drive to CT, I'd recommend this store. A nice operation, nice staff, great products, and fast delivery. What else can you ask for? Oh, sure, a lower price, but you get what you pay for.]]>
General Mattresses Questions Fri, 25 Jan 2013 12:18:53 -0800
a latex mattress in montreal, canada - by: zeff https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/index/6407-a-latex-mattress-in-montreal-canada.html#6407 https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/index/6407-a-latex-mattress-in-montreal-canada.html#6407 I've recently started shopping for a latex mattress, mosltly because of very positive feedback I got from your website (and others). The only one I found was Zenbody by Stearns & Foster at Sleep Country (Dormez-vous in Quebec). The saleman told me he only has a few left at the warehouse since the stores won't be carrying them anymore. Reason: sales are not so good and not popular with clients.
I've had quite a hard time finding a quality latex mattress in Montreal. (I weight 150 lbs /5'9'') Can you help? Thanks]]>
General Mattresses Questions Sun, 05 Aug 2012 20:52:03 -0700
Don't forget to ask for your "The Mattress Underground" forum member discount/bonus - by: Phoenix https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/index/54-don-t-forget-to-ask-for-your-the-mattress-underground-forum-member-discount-bonus.html#54 https://www.themattressunderground.com/mattress-forum/index/54-don-t-forget-to-ask-for-your-the-mattress-underground-forum-member-discount-bonus.html#54
The first of these is the information on the website itself which can help you determine what makes a great mattress and get past all the "stories" you will be told. It will help you get past "brand name" marketing which tends to have very limited information about the materials or the value of the mattress you are considering. Is it really worth paying twice as much for a mattress with certain materials when the same or better mattress with a different label is available at a much lower cost? The information here will help you answer this question.

The second of these is this mattress forum. Here is where you can ask your specific questions and get feedback that is based on real facts and information. This research is ongoing and no matter what mattress you may be considering, we will help with the research to find out what is known about it and what other options you may have. Part of this is also coming to know the type of mattress that is best suited for your own circumstances and preferences. I see so often people buying a mattress that seems to be "great" in the store but turns out to be not so great a few weeks or months later. Quality information and research along with your own "lay on mattress" experiences are an important part of long term satisfaction with what you buy.

Finally, The Mattress Underground includes a growing list of some of the best retailers and manufacturers in the industry who we have invited to be part of our membership. These manufacturers already represent some of the best quality/value in the mattress industry either locally or online and can provide you with a very high quality mattress at a good price and provide better value than most of the mainstream retailers or manufacturers in the industry for anything comparable in quality. By becoming a member here all of them have confirmed that they are happy to compete with the best in the industry in terms of their transparency, quality, value, and service.

These mattress manufacturers have also agreed to provide a 5% discount or a bonus to all members of The Mattress Underground forum who mention they are a member here when they are purchasing their mattress (outside of special sales that have a larger discount or specially discounted items)

How do you become a consumer member to qualify for this discount/bonus? Simple. Registration and a single post in our forum will do it. You are immediately recognized as a "member" of The Mattress Underground (your user name will have "member" under it) and the discounts or bonuses from all our retailer and manufacturing members are now available to you when you purchase your mattress ... and all you have to do is ask.

Our goal is to do the research and raise the awareness of what really makes a great mattress that is perfect for your needs and budget and to help anyone find the best places in their area (or online) to purchase it.

We have come a long way since we began but there is a long way to go before we can really make an impact on the number of people who are buying either lower quality or poor value mattresses because of the advertising, fake sales, stories, or deceptive sales techniques and information they are exposed to by the manufacturers and retail outlets who are currently dominating the mattress industry.

Each new registration and post in this forum will not only help you personally but help everyone who follows in the journey to finding "the perfect mattress".

General Mattresses Questions Tue, 26 Apr 2011 17:11:41 -0700