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Factory Direct Mattress Manufacturer

As our mattress manufacturing facility has been working extensively with virtually any type of mattresses and mattress components, not only that we can build and design any type of mattress but we can provide guidance, troubleshoot and answer consumer's questions on mattress construction and design and help consumers with mattress matching and replicating the desired mattress feel.
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Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid Mattresses

At Arizona Premium Mattress we have noticed a huge increase in sales related to our Pocket Coil with Latex designed hybrid mattresses. I think one of the main reasons people are gravitating to this type of mattress is that it's more of a "known feel". In other words when buying a mattress online you are always taking a risk of it not being what you expected especially since you cannot try it first. Most people are familiar with the feel of a spring type mattress but as many of you have experienced lately the durability of the foams used in those fall short of expectation. Most spring mattresses were not designed so they could be roll packed and shipped via FedEx or UPS until very recently.

Made with All Natural Latex Does Not Mean It's All Natural

All Natural Talalay

Over and over again I see what to me is very misleading descriptions, although truthful, so let me take a minute to clarify some terminology I see tossed around on the internet. The term "Made With 100% Natural Talalay" does not mean that it is completely all natural Talalay made by Talalay Global or Radium Foam. I see this term being used in conjunction with Blended Talalay which of course is a mix of both all natural rubber and synthetic rubber.