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Posted: 1149 days ago by MattressToGo #76709
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What you've asked is more of a general question for the forum moderator, but I think that I can help you out! First off, some options in and around the Trenton/Philadelphia/Wilmington area are listed in an old [url=]post #4 here[/url]. I don't think that Phoenix updates these lists any longer (way too much work) and most of these wouldn't be members of the site, but it can give you a good start. I would be a big proponent of you attempting to test out some all-latex, latex using springs, or even latex using a polyurethane foam support core and see if you have an affinity for one versus the other (or even to see if you like latex). While the feel of the mattress is determined by all of the materials it uses, I find that people generally have a preference for "all foam" or "foam + springs" construction. There really isn't a right or wrong answer - just what works best for you. Whatever you choose, you want to become completely familiar with all of the materials inside of the product so that you may be assured you're choosing something using good quality materials that are durable and will set you up with a decent comfort life. Any combination (springs or all-foam) should be fine to provide you adequate support at your size. As you sleep both upon your side and back, make sure to try anything out in both postures, and try to find the least amount of comfort material you can to get the job done. The biggest mistake I see people make when shopping is choosing something too soft or with comfort materials that are too thick, and as time goes on all foams soften up a bit and then they tend to have alignment issues. Good luck with your shopping trip, and hopefully you'll run across some knowledgeable retailers who can provide you with educated guidance.
Posted: 1150 days ago by zzipp #76701
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Hi. I'm relatively new to the site and have read, more than once, the Intro., the complete tutorial, many links and many posts. I'm interested in a latex or latex hybrid mattress and not sure which would be a better choice. I'm a combo sleeper of the most common variety, that is side (usually to fall asleep, 1-5 times per night) and back (probably 60-65% of my sleep). I'm 5' 4" and about 140 pounds, give or take 5 at any given time. I've had issues with shoulder and hip discomfort, especially when closer to 135 pounds, as well as lower back pain. Any advice or idea as to where in the greater Philadelphia (PA) I could test drive something similar? That might help me decide. Thanks for all of your insights and for helping me with this dilemma!

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