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When invited to be on this panel, I was flattered because I don’t think of myself as an expert. But years of experience in one industry, combined with constant customer feedback of doing things right does make you an expert. In 1972, I started working for American Excelsior in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.  With 32 branches they were the leading foam fabricator in the US at that time. Sheboygan was always the top branch and I got my "foam education" from Ollie Pentinmaki, who was a retired naval ship commander and a very funny guy.
Since the tire industry had not figured out how to manufacture tires with synthetic products yet, they were making the tires out of pure natural latex while supplying the bedding industry with latex cores. We unloaded rail cars of latex from our two main vendors, Firestone and Goodrich. There are still Latex mattresses out there in good shape that were purchased from Sears in the 1960’s... Latex is a great product.
Ten years later in ‘82, I decided to start my own company and opened Foam Sweet Foam. Even though we have sold mattresses from the beginning, we did not focus on the mattress industry as a whole until we launched our first website in the mid 90’s. We have grown from local delivery in a Volkswagen Van to a factory which has Fed Ex shipment facility making our deliveries in all 50 states.
The other fast-growing company expert is Heidi, my youngest daughter. After graduating from college with an accounting degree, she was an auditor for 4 years and while she was always in touch with the mattress industry, in the past 5 years she has been our office manager and dealt with many production aspects and learned the trade from inside out. She will also be available to answer your questions.
Together, as a team, we have become very proficient in recommending the most suitable mattress layering combination for best comfort/support for each individual sleeper(s) with different needs and preferences. I am not saying we always get it right as this depends on so many factors, but usually, we are right.
We look forward to helping you to make good choices for better sleep.

Scott Ravenhorst ~ Foam Sweet Foam
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