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As a 4th generation family owned company, we live and breathe mattresses 7 days a week. We are constantly researching and developing new mattress concepts. As a result, we are able to offer real-time feedback and product knowledge on what works and what does not. There are constantly new materials being released, and if you’re wondering whether the hype is worth it we can certainly help! Feel free to send any questions or concerns you may encounter, and let us offer our expert knowledge and take some of the guesswork out of the process.

Our family has operated Fox Mattress since 1968 and we have a combined 100 years of mattress knowledge. We understand firsthand how overwhelming the mattress buying process can be. Which is why for the last 50 years we have manufactured our own line of bedding rather than sell national brands. Our goal has been to build a better-quality mattress using superior comfort, support, and durability materials. Fox Mattress’s factory direct approach offers a unique experience to consumers as we manufacture top quality mattress choices and sell directly to the public from our retail showroom.

Our friendly mattress specialists guide you through the process of what are the most important aspects to pay attention to when choosing a new mattress. Many of our employees have been employed with us for 20+ years and each bring their own area of expertise. While we may be considered a small manufacturer, we are fortunate that our customers appreciate quality over quantity and we continue to be able to offer a better night’s sleep since 1968. 

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