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  • ABOUT Luma Sleep & its founder Steve Russo

    Luma Sleep™ was founded in 2015 by three veterans of the US mattress industry who had worked together at Latex International (now Talalay Global) from 2001-2005. Steve was the President & CEO at LI who went on to be President of Consolidated Bedding (Spring Air), Restonic and Southerland. Jim, who started his career at Sealy and Simmons, stayed at LI leading sales while David went on to start and run Barnum Design, a brand marketing company based in NY. Our mattress industry and product expertise come from our collective experiences as hands-on executives working in the US mattress supply chain as component suppliers, mattress manufacturers, retailers and through Luma Sleep™, e-commerce retail.

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    ARTICLES ~ Luma Sleep Industry Expert 

The Four Tenets That Make a Great Mattress

There are two comments customers frequently repeat in my store when picking out a mattress, and both comments have validity, but not maybe in the manner you’d expect.  The first comment is, “You can’t tell anything by trying out a mattress for 20 seconds.
When Luma Sleep’s founders developed the company’s mattress product line, they reached out to Michael J. Breus, PhD, The Sleep Doctor™. From his research and design work with developing the Dr. Breus Bed over 10 years ago, Dr. Michael identified what he has come to define as the Four Tenets to Better Sleep.  They are...