The Four Tenets That Make a Great Mattress

Avoid These Two Common Mattress-Shoping Mistakes

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When Luma Sleep’s founders developed the company’s mattress product line, they reached out to Michael J. Breus, PhD, The Sleep Doctor™. From his research and design work with developing the Dr. Breus Bed over 10 years ago, Dr. Michael identified what he has come to define as the Four Tenets to Better Sleep.  They are...
  1. Thermo-Neutrality
  2. Pressure Relief
  3. Spinal Support
  4. Undisturbed Partner Movement

The Four Tenets of great mattress design.

  1. Temperature Neutrality – Open-cell breathable usually a Talalay latex rubber immediately under a Tencel® fabric cover at the surface of each mattress system provide for airflow and wicking away of moisture.
  2. Superior Pressure Relief – Talalay latex comfort systems, personalized to each customer’s comfort preference, provide exceptional pressure relief while. As Dr. Breus notes – Talalay latex provides a floating, “zero-gravity” sensation.
  3. Spinal Support – Mattresses engineered with progressive firmness layers, designed to adapt and contour to each customer’s unique body shape and sleeping positions. Through combinations of individually wrapped pocket coils, latex cores and varying ILDs of Talalay, to provide constant spinal alignment as you sleep and move throughout the night.
  4. Limited Motion Transfer – Mattress systems usually made of individually wrapped pocketed coil array or a Dunlop latex core, widely recognized for their minimal side motion transfer properties.

Responsive, Supportive and Breathable Mattresses

If there’s one thing the old-line bedding brands are right about, it’s that an investment in a quality mattress has a huge impact on your quality of life. Even if you don’t put your trust in a Luma Sleep System, we hope you’ll take the good doctor’s teachings and apply them to finding a bed that improves your sleep health.

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Posted: 290 days ago by Phoenix #83683
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Hi Luma Team. Thanks for sharing this information from the sleep doctor Michael J. Breus. Great to point to cross-reference with experts in other industries and check that knowledge and experience "align" on all levels when designing a bed. Phoenix

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