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normal New Novosbed Mattress & its Layers

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14 Mar 2019 16:40 - 14 Mar 2019 16:43 #21 by MFC

Hi Dormir7,

MFC does not ship to the USA, correct? If not, do you have a sister company that does?

Correct, MFC does not ship to the USA, we only offer free shipping within Canada and we do not have a sister company.
The good news however is that you'll find some Trusted Retailers here that are located in the USA.

Good luck with your purchase

All the best

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17 Mar 2019 12:56 - 17 Mar 2019 13:09 #22 by 560andrising

Dormir7 wrote: 560andrising,

Did you end up making a decision on a mattress? I know you were looking for an all-memory foam mattress and wondered how things ended up. I keep coming back to all-foam in my mind as a cheap all-foam mattress supported my back for a long time. Currently I'm on a Brooklyn Bedding Medium Aurora (hybrid) mattress, which hasn't entirely alleviated my back problems. Although I'm better aligned, I now have Sciatica-like symptoms. Essentially the medium is too soft, and the firm is too firm; the difference in ILD between the two is too dramatic.

Thanks for any updates,

Hey there! We ended up being torn between the Rhapsody Luxe and the Cloud Supreme. The Rhapsody Luxe would've proven to be far more durable for our body weights but we felt like we were forcing ourselves to like it and would end up regretting the purchase. The alternative was to go with the Cloud Supreme, which felt great, but at the risk of far less durability, given the 4-lb comfort layer. In the end, we decided that if we in fact preferred the softer feel of the Cloud Supreme, we may as well go with that and plan on replacing it in 3-4 years, or whenever it broke down. I'd rather spend more money and sleep comfortably than spend less money and make the "wise" decision, only to have trouble sleeping on a too-hard mattress.

The twist is that, once we realized we preferred a medium-soft mattress, we decided that we should just stick with our current plush coil mattress until it breaks down and we're forced to replace it. We kind of have a family rule: when in doubt, don't change anything. If we ever struggle for too long when making a decision that requires a change, we stay put and approach it at a later time. It's never failed us. So, we ended up spending the money on a new bedroom set, haha!

Sorry that I couldn't be of greater assistance. Buying a mattress is a headache. I am glad that we're done with the process for the time being and do not look forward to going through it again in the future. However, when we do replace our current mattress, we will almost certainly go with the one that has at least 4-lb foam and try to get the best bang for the buck, with a plan to replace the mattress at whatever point it breaks down, prematurely or otherwise. In my opinion, it is simply too difficult to find a reliable company that makes an affordable, 5-lb+ density memory foam mattress, with a suitable trial, that sees their product as comparable to other mattresses that one can easily test in-store. We'll likely be Tempurpedic floor model customers, simply because we can actually lay on the freaking mattresses before spending our hard-earned money.

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