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Trying to match Tempur-Pedic's lines or looking for options

02 Sep 2019 06:24 #1 by ThatDoePerson
The last time I was here was a number of years ago, but I'm back as my mattress has been sagging significantly enough for a few months that it's actually affecting my sleep. I went to a few stores recently to try out new beds and found Tempur-Pedic's TEMPUR-breeze hybrid mattress a decent match. I've never really liked foam mattresses for feeling like a brick, but the addition of springs makes the whole thing more pleasant as it has a bit more give. The material also feels cooler than other foam mattresses (including by Tempur), and I didn't really warm up like I did on the others after laying on it for a bit. I don't know if that feeling would last all night.
I tried a few other foam mattresses, but they felt "meh" and I kept going back to this one as my main option. Problem is, I am not willing to drop 5 grand on a mattress. My upper limit would probably around 3k, and this is breaching it by simply too much. So I guess I am wondering what close competitors might have on offer that competes in feel with Tempur's hybrids (including the cooling feeling)? There's Casper and other beds in a box, but I am not buying that their sub-1K mattress could be as good or last as long.

Also, being that these are a bunch of layers of foam, is there anything stopping me from simply getting a mattress zipper bag and getting a bunch of foam, and making my own mattress? I've even seen coils on offer online, so I could make a hybrid as well!

Also, buying mattresses sucks and I hate it. :pinch:

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02 Sep 2019 11:29 #2 by ThatDoePerson
Digging around, I think Brooklyn Bedding Spartan and Ghostbed Flex are the top contenders right now. Might just pull the trigger on the latter and give their trial period a shot

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04 Sep 2019 15:36 #3 by ThatDoePerson
Eh, ended up ordering the Ghostbed Flex. Will see how that goes! Cheers!

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26 Nov 2019 21:39 #4 by tti
im thinking about getting a ghostbed flex. youve had it for some time now - how do you like it?

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03 Dec 2019 20:40 - 03 Dec 2019 20:49 #5 by ThatDoePerson
The short of it is I think it's OK. It's by far better than my previous worn out bed was. I can generally sleep through the night whereas I simply could not stay in bed or asleep for long for a few months prior. To the mattress' credit, it does seem to sleep pretty cool - or at least functions as a rather good heat-sink when running A/C. I've read numerous complaints about "hot sleeping" about other foam mattresses, but this one has not given me any trouble. It might be cooler than my traditional inner-spring mattress was even.

I am trying to figure out if I need a different mattress or if it's just me though, because I simply cannot sleep on my back on it for whatever reason. I feel like I was a back sleeper for a long time, but with this mattress I almost exclusively switched to side or stomach. I keep getting uncomfortable if I lay on my back, but I can't quite pin-point the issue. Since this has a 1-time return (as in, you can only refund their mattress once), I might take advantage of it and grab a Talalay Hybrid to compare against.

For reference, I am around 180lbs at 5'6", somewhat athletic build with a bit of extra heft (I pick things up and put them down). S.O. is around 140lbs, bit shorter, also picks things up and puts them down. We're both often sore, so our needs include major pressure relief.

Of note, should you choose to try their mattress, *do not* buy the cover or frame from them! Those items are entirely non-refundable. Also, forego "gifts," like twin pillows: a - they aren't good (zero support), and b - you have to return them if you refund the mattress. I spoke to customer service on the topic, and they won't budge: absolutely no returns or refunds on items other than the mattress. I made the erroneous assumption that items purchased with the mattress would fall under the same 100-day return policy (because anything else doesn't make a lot of sense), but I was clearly wrong. They do state as much in their FAQ, but I didn't think I needed to confer with it; clearly that was a lesson learned.
Last edit: 03 Dec 2019 20:49 by ThatDoePerson.

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04 Dec 2019 20:21 #6 by tti
Thanks for taking the time to respond, the feedback is much appreciated. I have also noticed that on different beds i tend to sleep differently.

What do you mean by a 1 time return? You can only return something once ... after that you no longer have the item to return?

In terms of the cover/frame/gifts i didnt realize the T&C for those so thanks for the heads-up. I haven't given the bed a shot (yet) and am still considering ... but the terms on the side items are definitely a bit unfavorable.

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05 Dec 2019 04:35 #7 by Sweet Dreams
Many mattress sellers have a one time return policy, which generally means you're only allowed to make one return (or exchange) and cannot make multiple returns on a purchase. Each seller may vary in how they specifically define their policies so you should be clear on them up front before making a purchase. Hope this helps! - Bill

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09 Dec 2019 12:08 #8 by GhostBed
Hi everyone!

We are more than happy to explain how our return policy works and clear up any confusion :)

Our return policy on the mattress is that we only allow one return per household. So say you purchase a GhostBed Flex and return it. You are then allowed at any other time to purchase another GhostBed, however that one will not be returnable. This is a small measure in order to prevent people from simply buying and returning all of our models :( As a small, family-owned business, we of course have to to take measures to protect us against those taking advantage of the sleep trial. We do love offering our 101 night sleep trial to give everyone the chance to really sleep on their new mattress and make sure it is for them :) But of course we have to make sure it's limited. We do also offer an exchange option for current GhostBed owners still within the 101 night sleep trial! The exchange is done as a final sale - just wanted to throw that option out there :)

The same logic applies to when we offer free items with our mattress. If we allowed everyone to keep 4 free pillows when they returned their bed, unfortunately we'd have too many people out there buying and returning expensive mattresses in order to get a couple of free pillows/sheets etc :( And I can't tell you how many times I've seen the free pillows show up on eBay...

I'm not sure how long you have had your Flex mattress @thatdoeperson, but definitely give yourself plenty of time to adjust! If you slept on your old mattress for a long time, your body was really use to it! The longer you had your prior bed, the longer it can take your body to adjust. Your spine will slowly readjust to the new, more supportive feel of the GhostBed! It's funny how people will message us after a few days that they can't sleep on the bed, it isn't for them etc. and then a few weeks later they will write back "OMG was I wrong," lol. The adjustment period can be very real for most of us!

Further, the mattress is designed to break in the more it's slept on! Similar to a new pair of leather shoes that are stiff initially. The more you wear them, the more comfy they get :)

We are here should you have any further questions. Thank you for your comments! Amazing Mattress. Unreal Sleep
Ph: (855) 855-4499
Family owned and operated since 2001
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