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Factory direct for 42 years, selling Online since 1998

Sleep EZ is a true "Factory Direct" mattress factory selling directly to our valued customers for 42 years. We also have the distinction of pioneering selling online. In 1998 we launched our website specializing in "natural latex mattresses" and began shipping them directly to our customers’ homes. At the time this venture was scoffed at and given little hope of succeeding. Well, time and the miracle of the internet changed the mattress industry; slowly from 1998 to 2012, and then by leaps and bounds over the last five years. Over 150 new mattress brands have been launched and marketed with websites touting their "one of a kind" mattresses being the perfect fit for all.

Latex Mattress Specialist
 In 1992 we began specializing in mattresses made entirely of natural latex. We learned during our first 18 years of making mattresses that "latex foam rubber" was recognized by the mattress industry as the #1 component for comfort and durability. Nothing else came even close. We also found that as a factory direct we could specialize in making this high-end product and delivering it directly to our customers at about half the price that was being charged by the major "name brands".
Mattress In Home Adjustability
 In addition to building a mattress using the #1 comfort component "latex foam rubber," another cornerstone of our mattress line is the individual customization and adjustability for each queen and king mattress. No one has to compromise. Your mattress is built with a different firmness for each side of the mattress: the right side and left side. If, after a period of time, either person wants to change the comfort on their side, they can do it in their home, without affecting the comfort of their partner. We build your mattress in our factory and ship nationwide in 2 business days, direct to your home.

We look forward to the opportunity of serving you.
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