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unanswered Sherwood Encore PATRIARCH Super Plush Mattress

11 Jul 2018 06:14 #1 by Romeo2018

We are looking to buy a new mattress. We currently have a select comfort bed. I have some hip and neck pain and find this bed to not be comfortable at this point. The bed is over 10 years old. When my husband gets in the bed the side I sleep on seems to increase pressure.

Yesterday we went to a not retail place a private owner of a mattress business and he gave us several choices in beds we liked the Sherwood Encore PATRIARCH Super Plush Mattress at this point. He offered a lot of extra and free delivery. He offer us two free Queen Gelled pillow, Prime Smooth Mattress protector and Queen split foundation. Total cost $2039.28.

I have not looked at any other beds at this point. I have looked on-line for this brand and there is not much on internet. I want to know if you have an insight on this brand and is this a reasonable price for what he has offered?

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