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The Mattress & Sleep Company is a family business started in 2006. The current 3 owners collectively have a combined 60+ years in the mattress & furniture industry. Our business has evolved over time; shaped with the goal of curating our product selection for maximum performance and value, and always operating transparently.
We are big believers in the elastic bed principle, and that breathability and humidity regulation are non-negotiable aspects required for an optimal sleep. The result of this is our stores which originally had over 40 mattresses in the showroom now have typically 20 or less. We feel that even though there is forever a subjective element to choosing mattresses, that this is overblown and often misleads people into making poor choices. There are specific objective criteria that we have made our focus and as a result, can make the buying process much simpler, and a higher probability of customer satisfaction.
We are directly involved in the design of our mattress selection in a way that is uncommon in the traditional retailer model. We have a deep understanding of the properties of various materials and components used in mattress construction which helps us guide clients towards appropriate choices based on their needs. Currently, about 1/3 of the mattresses we offer are made to our exacting specifications and since we work with very accommodating suppliers this will eventually become ½ of our offerings.
We carry brands with an excellent reputation for quality, Berkeley Ergonomics, Vispring , Sleeptek, Natura, and MLILY, as well as a direct distributor for Ergomotion electric bases. We also have a large selection of top quality bedding products to help people achieve the most comfortable sleep possible, St. Geneve, Brun de Vian-Tiran, Malouf, Formesse. We are also authorized dealers of other excellent products for the home, Abyss & Habidecor luxury bath towels and rugs, TEAM 7 solid natural wood furniture Wesley Allen cast iron beds, and Brink & Campman pure wool rugs. We shop worldwide to bring the best luxury products into our stores and give Canadians increased access to high-quality goods that are made to last a lifetime.

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