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Regional manufacturers are similar in size to some of the regional licensees of many national brands but they usually do not have the same differences in manufacturing consistency and quality as they tend to fall under the same manufacturing "umbrella" no matter where they are sold. Some of these are sold through "factory direct" outlets that are franchised and/or company owned and some are sold through retail outlets and sleep shops through much shorter supply chains. The better ones offer similar or better value than most "national brands" and some of them produce value that comes close or even equals many smaller local manufacturers. Because they are more widely available and there are many smaller more specialized, or even sometimes larger outlets that carry them across the country, they are often easier to find and may often represent the best value available for those who are hesitant to buy a mattress online that they have not laid on in a store.

Many of these also have a "corporate culture" that is focused on the education and training of their staff and like most local manufacturers, are transparent in sharing information about the materials they use in their mattresses. They are already part of a mattress underground in their desire to build better mattresses with greater value and since they are producing mattresses in larger quantities in their region, they often "put a dent" in the effectiveness of the marketing stories of the larger brands who lump them in with "off brands" and the "negatives" of buying from anyone but them.

While being a regional manufacturer does not in and of itself mean that they are producing higher value or quality mattresses, there are more of them here than there are in the national brands. Like all the categories, some in this group aspire to be more like the "S" brands and haven't quite got there yet while some of these started as more local manufacturers that grew into the size they are now through better service and value and have retained most of the values they started with.

The better companies in this group often have surprising value and a very broad selection of mattresses. Some of these are newer companies that have become quite successful more quickly while some of them are older companies that have been around for many years. They are well worth the time to take a close look at what they offer and there are many who discovered them years ago and keep returning over the course of many years to buy again.

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